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Flavored Tobacco And Vapes Sales

Is Flavored Tobacco And Vapes Sales Legal In California?

There is always some sort of trend changing within the tobacco and vape sales industry.

Currently, California is either voting for or against the legal sales of tobacco and vapes you should know about.  

The legality of Flavored Tobacco and Vapes In California

Flavored tobacco and vapes cannot be sold in stores or through a vending machine due to Proposition 31. But luckily, there’s no restriction for online sales for licensed retailers who are properly doing ID verification of their customers.

Flavored tobacco is widely available through online delivery, but with ID verification for safety and security. Those wanting to purchase vapes will need to look elsewhere or online to meet their needs. 

It’s necessary to know about accurate regulatory standards before making any decisions. We will explore more about common tobacco and vape sales questions, so keep reading! 

How To Order Vape In Los Angeles? 

You can order vapes in L.A. by searching through an online store and having everything delivered straight away. 

The online store must be licensed to sell vape products in various forms and verify age through identification. By ensuring the proper steps are taken, the licensed company may sell vapes. 

At Juicefly, we sell a collection of vapes within our online store to ensure that legal-age adults get a wide selection. We offer vapes in different dosages and strengths at a reasonable price point. 

We are also licensed to sell vapes online and follow regulatory standards for safety and security. By reviewing our inventory, there’s a lot to navigate and choose the desired product. 

How To Ship Vapes In California?

When looking for vape products in California, you need to find a licensed retailer selling online and ordering directly within their online store to have vape products shipped to you. 

If you want to ship vapes in California on your own time, then it will be challenging since US mail prohibits the shipping of vapes in all forms. 

Companies licensed to sell vapes online have control over the delivery process and work alongside third-party delivery services to have vapes delivered on time. 

Vapes can be shipped in California within reason by verified and licensed companies and as long as the person receiving them is over the legal age of 21 years. 

At Juicefly, we ensure all our vapes are delivered on time after you shop through our online store and make a purchase. 

Is Vape Shipping Legal?

No, it's not legal to ship vapes, especially if you’re a consumer or a small business. 

If you’re a consumer wanting to ship vapes to a friend, then you may have trouble in this area since US mail prohibits shipments of vaping products. It goes the same with small businesses wanting to ship vape items to various individuals. 

Due to proposition 31, vapes cannot be sold in-store or through vending machines. However, buying online and having vapes shipped is allowed for heavily regulated and licensed retailers working with private companies. 

Some vape companies are allowed to ship vapes since they go through a rigorous verification procedure to ensure the safety and security of the consumer receiving vape items.

We at Juicefly provide shipping to customers in states that allow vape product shipments with rigorous verification of I.D. 

Is There A Vape Delivery In Los Angeles? 

Yes, there is vape delivery in Los Angeles at our online store, Juicefly, for those wanting a convenient way to access an inventory of vape products. 

We deliver within the surrounding area of Los Angeles and follow a transparent procedure to make sure customers get a good experience. 

At Juicefly, we offer an array of vape products that can be delivered throughout California, including:

  • Los Angeles
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • West Los Angeles
  • Hollywood
  • West Hollywood
  • North Hollywood
  • Westwood
  • Burbank
  • Beverly Hills
  • Culver City
  • Glendale
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Echo Park
  • Redondo Beach 
  • Hermosa Beach 
  • Los Feliz 
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Pasadena
  • Santa Monica 
  • Siler Lake

If any of these are near your location, then you’re free to access our online store to review a collection of vapes at an ideal price. 

Any vapes you pick will get delivered to your location with transparent tracking and quality service.  

When we deliver, it takes minimal time to get your products on time without waiting too long. 

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