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World Paloma Day -  May 22nd, 2022

World Paloma Day -  May 22nd, 2022

On May 22nd, the world celebrates Paloma, get ready to party the night away while sipping on a wonderful Paloma cocktail from Mexico. Have you tried it yet? Today is the ideal opportunity to do so! We love Palomas as much as we love our Tequila collection.

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Though this cocktail is not as popular in the United States, since the company Cenote Tequila established World Paloma Day in 2019, the country is progressively catching up to its tart flavors. The holiday is intended to honor the well-known Mexican beverage and to honor its distinct flavor and originality.

Cenote offered a Paloma Bar pop-up on the parade prepared to honor World Paloma Day with a bang in 2019. In 2020, the Tequila brand Jose Cuervo stepped up the celebrations by launching a philanthropic cocktail in honor of World Paloma Day. What made Jose Cuervo's Paloma so distinctive, you might wonder? The bottled beverage was released to allow individuals to make their own cocktail at home! This decision was made in light of the proliferation of COVID-19 and the health sector's recommended social distancing guidelines. The earnings from the drink's sales were donated to The Drinks Trust which has been giving support, care, and assistance to the beverage industry's workforce Since 1886.

If you already started to crave this delicious cocktail, you can try these ready-to-drink versions or order one of the Tequilas on the list and make yourself one today!

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The taste of summer is in your hand with this Tequila Paloma. It has a floral scent and a silky finish that pairs well with the sweet aromas of our grapefruit soda. This refreshing citrus cocktail will have you daydreaming about your next beach vacation.

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This ready-to-drink Paloma isn't quite what you'd expect in a good way. It has a powerful grapefruit flavor, but rather than being extremely tart, it has a botanical flavor from the hibiscus that nicely balances off the grapefruit. It also lacks the classic Tequila flavor of a Paloma, which makes sense given that there is no actual Tequila in it, but it is an excellent cocktail. If you enjoy botanical cocktails, you must try this Miami Cocktail Co Paloma, which has a deep hibiscus flavor.



The crisp, rich natural flavors and clean, smooth taste of Partida Blanco are the product of the distillery's unrivaled commitment to boiling its agave within 24 hours of harvesting to preserve its fresh and subtle character. On the nose, herbal and earthy notes blend with citrus. Bright tropical fruit and vanilla flavors mingle with traces of cooked agave, white pepper spice, and juicy grapefruit on the palate. This unaged tequila is ideal for sipping, mixing with food, and making excellent, crisp margaritas and Palomas.



The award-winning Familia Camarena Tequila Reposado is a silky smooth Tequila. This 100% blue weber agave Tequila is distilled entirely in Jalisco, Mexico, and has an unrivaled flavor. This Reposado is soft and creamy on the palate, and its finest served straight or in a margarita or Paloma. This Reposado is matured for 60 days in oak barrels, adding vanilla and caramel tones to Camarena's natural agave sweetness.

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