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Caipirinhas: The Brazilian Cachaça Cocktail

Caipirinhas: The Brazilian Cachaça Cocktail

Cachaça Cocktail 

Caipirinhas, pronounced kai-purr-REEN-yah, is known as the national cocktail of Brazil. This Brazilian drink has a real kick to it, as the balance of ingredients favor the liquor. Caipirinhas are perfect for enjoying a South American meal and basking in a tropical oasis - or wanting to feel like you are. 

Caipirinhas Ingredients

How to Make Caipirinhas

Step 1: Slice your lime into equal wedges (save one for a garnish) and collect your serving of sugar. 

Step 2: In a short glass, muddle both the lime wedges and sugar. 

Step 3: Add your serving of Cachaça and lime juice and gently stir. 

If you are not able to get your hands on Cachaça, you can also sub it with rum as they are similar in flavor. Sit back and enjoy while watching your favorite soccer team. 

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