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What To Know About Pouring And Serving Beer

What To Know About Pouring And Serving Beer

Without proper beer-pouring technique, the beer you enjoy will be subpar at best. The delightful, hoppy beverage can be enjoyed in a variety of forms. Beer is versatile; it can be enjoyed either ice cold or warm, on the beach or at a watering hole.

Even so, there are a few tricks to remember in pouring beer to get the most out of its flavor. Learn the proper techniques for pouring and find out why they're so important. If you follow our instructions, your beer will have the finest possible taste, texture, and presentation.

How to Pour a Beer: The Definition of a Perfect Beer Pour

Use a clean and dry glass. Remnants of other types of alcohol or even dish soap will alter the flavor and create froth in beer. Do not waste a perfect beer on an inferior glass.

The glass should be tilted at 45 degrees. This will allow the beer to glide down the glass's rim and avoid excessive foam, from forming.

Pour beer into the glass's middle. By pouring into the ideal location, splash back and overflow can be avoided.

When the glass is half to two-thirds filled, fill it to the brim. This will result in the appropriate amount of foam. The head should be between 0.5 and 1.5 inches in height.

The Perfect Guinness Pour

This should not come as a surprise; a Guinness glass must be used. Use a glass created exclusively for Guinness when pouring. It is necessary for the subsequent steps.

The glass should be tilted at 45 degrees. There are no exceptions to this guideline, as it is required for the development of appropriate foam.

Gently tilt the glass as you pour. Instead of waiting until the glass is half full, tilt it slowly throughout the pour.

Finish with a harp. Stop pouring not when the glass is level, but three-quarters of the way up the glass. This improves the head of a Guinness beer.

Let it rest. Wait to consume the beer until the beer has settled and exhibited the characteristically dark black hue of Guinness.

Step by Step: How to Pour Beer Without Foam

To reduce the quantity of foam in a beer, pour it into a 45-degree-angled glass. Pour as near as possible to the glass, and when it becomes too full to continue pouring at that angle, carefully level the glass.

The longer a beer is poured into a glass at an angle, the less froth will be present in the finished product. The small quantity of foam that does appear to disperse after pouring may still require a moment of waiting.

Foam is essential to the appropriate pouring of beer. If you genuinely dislike the flavor or texture of foam, strive for a thickness of only half an inch.

A beer with no foam typically has a flat flavor, whereas the presence of foam suggests adequate carbonation. Check the beer's expiration date if you pour it into a glass and it does not produce any foam. 

How to Pour Beer From the Tap: How to Pour Draft Beer

Pour draft beer by tilting the glass 45 degrees and placing it near the tap. Fill the glass halfway to two-thirds, then level and top off. This is the traditional beer pour and ensures optimal head.

Draft beer is different than canned or bottled beer. When pouring from a tap, keep track of the remaining beer. You don't want beer foam and dregs.

Learn how much beer is in a keg, how many pours you can get from different sizes, and how long a tapped keg lasts.

Know How to Pour a Nitro Beer

Fill a glass two-thirds with nitro beer. Wait until the foam settles, then fill the glass. The extra settling time helps excess foam to disperse and produces the smoothest beer.

Guinness says the ideal nitro pour takes two minutes. Every drink has an optimal pour, so be careful while free pouring.

Nitro beer should be handled differently than conventional tap beer. Beer is thickened with carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Nitrogen makes beer smoother to sip but creates foam more quickly, extending pour time.

How to Pour Beer From A Can

Tilt your glass 45 degrees so the liquid can pour into the center. Once half full, fill to the top. This should provide a half-inch head. Beer from a can should be poured from a tap. Even the cheapest beer can taste better if you treat it like a craft beer. As a bar owner, you can charge more for better-tasting beer.

Before pouring, let the beer settle in the can. Beer reacts negatively to transportation jarring, like other items.

How To Buy Beers Online

Now you know all the tricks to ensure a perfect glass of beer. The next thing you need to do is order any kind of beer online at Juicefly.com, where you can find the best beer deals. Here are some of the top-selling beers in Los Angeles.


The Lagunitas IPA is an excellent example of an all-around IPA. The sharpness of the hops is smoothed out by the addition of some caramel malt barley, which also contributes some richness to the beer. This India Pale Ale is packed with flavor and features undertones of roasted malts, spice, caramel, and citrus fruit.


Heineken has crisp flavors with well-balanced hops, and it has a moderately bitter taste and a light, fruity scent. Heineken is the most popular beer in the world, with a fan base in 192 different nations. Among lagers, this one is consistently the most desired in such cities as New York, Hong Kong, Delhi, and Stockholm. I'd like to raise a glass to that.


Despite being a black beer, the roasted barley, coffee, chocolate, and caramel flavors come through surprisingly light and smooth. In bars all throughout the world, you can find beer fans sipping on this tasty stout.


Bud Light's popularity in the United States has been propelled by the beer's superior taste. Bud Light is the best light beer because of the special blend of hops, barley malts, and rice used in its brewing.


A&W Root Beer is famous for its rich, foamy texture and delicious, creamy flavor. This great-tasting beverage is caffeine-free and made with ripe vanilla. It is smooth and sophisticated.

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