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Today Is Pretty Hoppy, Happy National Beer Lover’s Day

Today Is Pretty Hoppy, Happy National Beer Lover’s Day

Fans of beer have the holiday of National Beer Lovers Day to raise a glass to their favorite drink. Brewers, barley, and hops from all around the world celebrate their love for this alcoholic beverage on the 7th of September.

The love for beer goes way back

Brewing beer and its history may predate recorded history. Beer's procedures, grains, and flavors are constantly expanding and diversifying.

Beer was first produced by colonists in Virginia. Among the facilities that William Penn established in his Pennsylvania colony was a brewery. Pennsbury Manor is where it may be seen till now. In his notebooks, the first President of the United States included instructions for making beer. Samuel Adams is an important figure in the brewing and tea cultures of the United States. There were some beer-drinking patriots among the nation's founders.

Beer-loving German immigrants in the mid-1800s also contributed to the United States' robust brewing tradition. Some of the surnames have maintained their prominence over the past century.

Smaller breweries are still around and experimenting with old and new recipes, even though their big-name predecessors have long since disappeared. Tradition runs deep in the beer-making process, and mastering it might take years of practice. Learning everything there is to know about brewing beer can take years, depending on the brewery. Master brewers will eventually learn what they need to know to consistently make delicious beer. The need for a genuine interest in one's work stands out as a crucial qualification.

Best way to celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day

This special day can be observed as an ordinary day, or you can appreciate it more by taking advantage of the convenient beer delivery from Juicefly. Browse the best beers in Los Angeles on our menu and place your order before National Beer Lover’s Day. Here are our recommendations.


The thick, frothy body and delightful, creamy taste of A&W Root Beer has made it a household name for generations. This refined beverage lacks caffeine and is flavored with ripe vanilla.


When it comes to lager beers, Americans favor Budweiser above all others. This beer's premium ingredients are barley malt, hops, rice, and water, and it has a moderate body. A single serving has 5% alcohol by volume, 145 calories, and zero grams of fat. Budweiser is a versatile beer that can be enjoyed at any time of year.


Corona Extra has a brisk but not overwhelming carbonation, and its flavor is clean and unassuming, with hints of grass, malt, sweetness, and a hint of hops. Fans of craft beer who prefer stronger hop bitterness or more nuanced flavors will likely search elsewhere.


Dos Equis Lager Especial is an exceptionally refreshing golden pilsner brewed with only the purest spring water and premium hops. That is well-balanced and easy to drink, with no rough spots or aftertaste.


It is incredibly light and smooth for a black beer, with tastes of roasted barley, coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Beer enthusiasts can be found savoring this stout at establishments around the globe.


Heineken has a somewhat bitter flavor, a light, fruity aroma, and sharp flavors thanks to its well-balanced hops. There are Heineken drinkers in 192 different countries since it is one of the most popular beers in the world.


Enjoy the same crisp, refreshing flavor you enjoy in a beer with fewer calories when you drink Michelob ULTRA. For good reason, it is the go-to option for healthy, physically active people. A serving of Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbohydrates, so you can enjoy the great flavor of a lager without compromising flavor.


Modelo Especial Mexican Beer is a full-flavored, malty pilsner that serves as an exemplar of the kind. With a golden tint and flavors of orange blossom honey and a touch of herb, this lager beer is a delight. This beer is great for social gatherings because of its light hop flavor, enticing sweetness, and crisp, clean finish.

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