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Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whiskey

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Scotland- Scoresby prides itself in crafting high-quality products and this scotch is no exception. A blend of rare and light-bodied whiskies that result in a pleasantly mellow mouthfeel. This delicately delightful blend is perfect sipped alone or on the rocks. Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whiskey delivery in Los Angeles

What does scotch whisky mean?

Scotch whisky can have flavors that range from smoky blends to sherry bombs, and everything in between. This type of whisky hails from Scotland and there are endless varieties to choose from. Unlike other ‘whiskey’, Scotch whisky is spelled without the ‘e’. In order to be considered Scotch Whisky, the alcohol must meet the following criteria:

  • Be produced in Scotland from malted barley and water.
  • If any additional grains are added, they must be whole grains.
  • It must be distilled at an ABV of no more than 98.4% and no less than 40%.
  • Must be aged for a minimum of 3 years inside oak casks.

How do beginners drink Scotch?

Follow these tips for the best way to start tasting and appreciating Scotch. In whisky lingo, a ‘dram’ is a measure of whisky. You can impress your bartender by asking for a ‘dram.’ If you’re not at a bar, then grab a whisky glass and pour yourself a small amount of whisky. When you begin drinking Scotch, the goal is to introduce it to your palate slowly. You don’t want to surprise your tastebuds with spicy flavors to the point where they no longer want to taste it. Start with some ice in the glass, and as it melts, the ice will dilute the flavors of the Scotch. Before taking a sip, be sure to inhale the aromas and appreciate the scent.

Is it ok to drink Scotch on the rocks?

Drinking scotch on the rocks is a perfectly normal and acceptable way to enjoy this fine spirit. There are really only two popular ways to enjoy it. Neat, which means you want the scotch totally alone, or on the rocks, which means you want it to be served with ice.

Why is scotch so expensive?

Why does scotch typically cost more than bourbon? One reason is that scotch is made from barley, and only about 10 different strains of barely (out of 5,500) are approved for use. Bourbon is made from corn, which is generally much cheaper than barley. The stills and barrels in which the scotch is aged are also more expensive to buy and maintain than new oak barrels, which are used for bourbon.

What are the calories per ounce of scotch?

1 ounce of hard liquor, such as scotch, contains about 64 calories for 80 proof varieties, and 80 calories for 100 proof. If you add a mixer such as juice, then you are adding about another 110 calories to your drink. Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whiskey delivery in Los Angeles

What brands are scotch?

At Juicefly, we offer all of the most popular brands of scotch. Here is a list of our favorites:

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