Maese Miguel Manchego DO 3 Months en Cuña

Maese Miguel Manchego DO 3 Months en Cuña

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Made from the milk of manchega sheep, manchego cheese is one of the most popular cheeses from Spain. This particular manchego has been aged for only 3 months which keeps the flavors of the cheese subtle. This also impacts the cheese's texture as the liquid inside doesn't have time to be drawn out creating a cheese that is supple and moist. A softer cheese with milder flavor than a manchego aged for 6 months or more this cheese is great eaten by itself or paired with olive oil which draws out more of the cheese's flavor while keeping its soft texture.

  • Ingredients: 100% pasteurized manchega sheep's milk, salt, rennet, cheese cultures, calcium chloride, preserving agent: egg lysozyme (from egg whites), natamycin and potassium sorbate applied to the non-edible rind, rind coloring: caramel. Contains milk and egg.
  • Facts: Product of Spain

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