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Happiness occurs arbitrarily. It can happen from a glance from a beautiful stranger, transformation after a morning coffee, or a moment alone in nature; magic works in mysterious ways. This fall, a new spirit is pervading the craft cocktail world and its effect is, well, quite magical.

Loved by dignitaries, politicians, and aristocracy, its legend in Mexico is a fairytale: “You don’t find mezcal, mezcal finds you.” Its possessive charisma is both ancient and fresh. On a sun-filled day, a new mezcal found us in Los Angeles and it’s safe to say we’ll never be, or drink, the same.

In a dimly lit parlor sits a sexy, surreptitious Mescalero. His own appellation of origin is unclear. Beneath a wide black brim, he is something of an enigmatic cowboy trailing the mezcal frontier. Beside several bottles of Mexico’s prized nectar is the elusive proprietor of Dos Perros.

After the first sip of extra añejo, all the folklore becomes crystal clear. It’s hard to ignore every complex nuance as it coats the throat and warms the body. The flavors are irreducibly straightforward. At once, the spirits have come alive.

In a rare conversation, Dos Perros’ heritor and creator spoke about the wonders of Oaxaca and the world’s craving for authenticity.

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