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 Djarum Black Menthols delivery in Los Angeles.

Djarum Black Menthols

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Djarum Black Emerald (Menthol) Cigars are made with Sumatran tobacco that delivers a specially crafted cigar that is a cool and refreshing experience.  A mixture of superior cigar tobaccos and clove spice rolled into a cigar. Djarum Black Menthols delivery in Los Angeles.

Factory-made since 1951, these cigars hail from Indonesia and are called Kretek by locals who named it for the sound of the crackling tobaccos in each one. This convenient pack of 12 Djarum Black Emerald Filtered Cigars are smooth and easygoing with their menthol profile. A blend of tobacco and cloves makes for a unique flavor that will keep you coming back for more, and their small size makes them perfect little smokes to take with you on the go.

If you're looking for a cigarettes delivery near you, Juicefly is the right address. Juicefly is the most convenient cigarettes delivery service and fastest way to get your tobacco delivered to your address. 

Can tobacco products be delivered?

Cigarettes and tobacco products are regulated. Retailers of these products must comply with the relevant regulations. As long as they ensure their work is compliant with regulations, it is legal to sell and deliver cigarettes to customers over 21 years of age. Juicefly check ID of customers for age verification, and and complies with all relavant regulations equired for cigarettes delivery. Djarum Black Menthols delivery in Los Angeles

Can you buy cigarettes online in the United States?

Yes, You can order cigarettes delivery and tobacco products online from registered and licensed retailers in the United States, as long as you verify your age.

Juicefly 1 Hour Delivery. Juicefly offers Alcohol & Vape delivery in Los Angeles 7 days a week. We are open Monday to Sunday from 10 am-10 pm.  You can order Alcohol & Vape online and leave us the rest.

*The minimum age to buy tobacco products in the U.S.A is 21 by law. These products can only be delivered after an ID verification.

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