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Château de Berne Emotion Rosé

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Very pale pink, almost like fresh cotton sheets in color, quintessentially Provencal. Beautifully floral on the nose, a lot of tree blossom, fruit notes like pear and blood orange with subtle notes of fragrant potpourri. Incredible acid on this wine makes your palate come alive. More fruits come across like pear and hints of raspberry. The combination of Cinsault and Grenache give the wine a great duo of savory and red fruit qualities to appeal to many different tastes. Château de Berne Emotion Rosé delivery in Los Angeles.
Great acidity and a round finish makes this a versatile wine for an aperitif and with first courses including grilled octopus, an ice-cold seafood tower, and all the flavors of the sea.

40% Grenache Noir,

40% Cinsault,

20% Syrah

What is rosé wine?

Rosé wine has made a huge splash in the past few years. This light wine is perfect for sipping at brunch, or enjoying at the beach. What exactly is rosé wine? To qualify as a rosé, the wine must be made by using a method called skin contact. This is when the skin from red grapes are left in the white grape juice for just enough time to dye the liquid that beautiful pink color we all know and love. Rosé wine has a light, fruity flavor and usually contains less ABV than red or white wine.

Where does rosé come from?

Rosé wine dates all the way back to ancient Greece, when wine was mostly pale red. There are all sorts of theories as to why the ancient Greeks drank rosé, but it was probably because they didn't allow the wine to macerate as long as we do today, so the liquid never became fully red. Hundreds of years later, during the middle ages, 'clairet' — a dark rosé wine, made its way to the well known wine region of Bordeaux, France. By the 1800's, rosé wine made it all the way to CaliforniaChâteau de Berne Emotion Rosé delivery in Los Angeles..

How do they make rosé?

A rosé wine is a wine that is lightly colored red or pink. This type of wine incorporates red grape skin into the wine making process, but not enough to qualify it as red wine. There are three ways to make rose wine: skin contact, saignée, and blending. The most common method is skin contact, which we will discuss.

Skin contact involves crushing black skinned grapes and allowing them to stay in the juice for a short period of time, about two to twenty hours. After that, the grape must is pressed and the grape skins are thrown away. This step is crucial when making rosé, as allowing them to stay in the juice would produce red wine. Fun fact: the longer the skins are kept in the juice, the darker the color the final product will be. So, if you see w very light rosé, the skin was probably only left in contact with the juice for about two hours. If you see a darker rosé, you can assume it was left for the maximum amount of time, about twenty hours.

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