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What To Pair With Scotch

What To Pair With Scotch

Finding the perfect foods to pair with scotch is not as easy as grabbing a cheese plate and some fruit. You see, scotch is a specific type of whiskey and should be treated as the unique liquor that it is. Unless you're a seasoned scotch drinker, then you might need some help in deciding which foods to pair with it. Read on for our list of the perfect pairings and for some expert tips to make your scotch experience unforgettable.

What is scotch made of?

To understand what you should pair with scotch, you should first understand what scotch is made of.  Scotch is made from malted barley, unlike whiskey, which is made from corn. You may have thought that scotch and whiskey are made from the same thing, but that is not the case. In order for whiskey to  be classified as scotch, it must be made in Scotland from start to finish. From distillation and aging, to filtering and bottling, the entire life of scotch happens in Scotland.


What appetizers go with scotch?

When looking for the perfect appetizers to pair with scotch, you don't want to serve anything with flavors that are too spicy or overwhelming that it will take away from the flavor of the scotch.

  • Cheese

Cheese is always a safe appetizer to serve because it has just enough flavor without stealing the show away from the main guest. It's good to have an assortment of cheese so that your guests can choose what they like. We recommend getting a nice selection of brie, havarti, Swiss, and Gouda.


  • Dark chocolate

We say dark chocolate specifically because most milk chocolate is too sweet and will overwhelm the flavor of the whiskey. The bittersweet flavors of dark chocolate pair perfectly with the spicy flavors of whiskey.

  • Apples and pears

Fruit is good appetizer to pair with whiskey because they are just sweet enough, but don't have an overwhelming citrus flavor. You'll want to stay away from oranges, grapes, and any other citrus fruit that will not mix well with whiskey.



What dessert goes well with Scotch?

There may come a time when you're looking to pair a dessert with scotch. In these cases, chocolate, fruit, or cinnamon based desserts will compliment the scotch.

  • Chocolate tart

Pair a rich chocolate tart with scotch that has a bold and smoky flavor for the ultimate flavor party.

  • Fruit pie

Medium bodied scotch goes nicely with a fruit based pie, like apple or cherry.

  • Cinnamon roll

A sweet and somewhat spicy cinnamon roll is a great combination to the rich flavors of scotch.


What to pair with scotch: Do scotch and Coke go together?

You might be tempted to serve Coke alongside your whiskey. After all, Jack and Coke is a well known drink, so why not whiskey and coke, right? Well this all depends on what vibe you want your party to be. Do you want to have a whiskey event where your guests are immersed in the depth of pure whiskey flavors? Or is your event more laid back and chill?

If you're going for a more laid back vibe, then you can serve Coke alongside the whiskey. Try out this recipe for a delicious mixed drink.

  • 1 oz of whisky
  • 3 oz of cola
  • splash of lemon or lime juice
  • ice

First, squeeze a lemon and strain the juice to remove any pits. Add ice to a glass and pour in the juice. Next, add in the whiskey and Coke. Garnish with a slice of orange to make your drink extra special.



What do you eat with whiskey?

Until recently, pairing foods with whiskey was a strange thought. Although it was a common practice in Europe and Asian countries, in the U.S. whiskey was most commonly drank on its own. Thanks to some whiskey connoisseurs, it's slowly becoming a more normalized notion to eat foods while sipping whiskey. Some foods that pair nicely with whiskey include:

  • Grilled steaks

Steaks pair well with the flavors of a medium bodied whiskey. Due to the rich smoky flavor of whisky, the taste of grilled red meat really comes through with this combination. 

  • Cheese

Any type of alcohol typically pairs well with cheese. You might have to do some experimenting to find the best type of cheese to go with the best type of whiskey. For example, a blue cheese would pair well with a more spicy whiskey, while a soft brie cheese would go better with a lighter whiskey.

  • Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon and whiskey are a match made in heaven. The two compliment each other perfectly because the smokey flavor of this fatty fish really pull out all the spicy flavors of a whiskey like Johnny Walker Black Label.

  • Any apple dessert such as apple pie

If you're looking for something sweeter to pair with a sweet whiskey like Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey then an apple based dessert such as apple pie is perfect. The sweetness of the fruit pairs perfectly with the mild caramel and strong spicy flavors in the alcohol.


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