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Johnnie Walker Black Label Review

Johnnie Walker Black Label Review

There's a reason why Johnnie Walker Black Label is everyone’s go-to blended scotch whiskey. Aged for 12 years in Scotland, it has a distinctively deep, smooth, and satisfyingly hardy blend. This versatile scotch holds rich and dark tropical fruits with hints of sweet vanilla on the nose and flavorful notes of oak and toffee. The finish is a warm balance of smooth and smoky. Johnnie Walker Black Label sets the tone for all other premium blended scotch. Let’s explore some of your most asked questions about this impeccable whiskey.

What is the Cost of Johnnie Walker Black Label?

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Is Black Label a Scotch?

Yes! Johnnie Walker Black Label is a blended scotch.

Is Johnnie Walker Black Label a Good Whiskey?

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a favorite go-to whiskey. It is so good, you can enjoy it neat. Of course you can mix it up with some Juicefly Cocktail Recipes, but this scotch is so smooth you can drink it without any ice, water, or mixers. Drinking it neat will allow you to fully envelope your taste buds so you can experience its multi-dimensional smoky and sweet flavors. 

Which Johnnie Walker is Better?

Johnnie Walker has 8 labels- Black, Blue, Double Black, Gold, Green, Platinum, Red, and Swing. We could write an entire blog featuring each of these! Each of these world class whiskeys are distinctively complex, so let’s focus on our two most asked about whiskeys today: Black Label and Red Label. 

Is Black Label Better Than Red?

Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label are both blends of the most distributed scotch whiskey world-wide. They’re both a part everyone’s favorite go-to scotch brand however there are some distinct differences that you should note in order to make your decision. If you are looking for something sweet and warm like red hot candy without as much alcohol burn so you can enjoy it neat, Johnnie Walker Black Label may be for you. Johnny Walker Red Label has a hotter finish with notes of honey and nutmeg that compliments mixers and sodas. Which one are you going to try today? 

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