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Belvedere Vodka Review

Belvedere Vodka Review

Let us introduce you to Belvedere, the world’s first super premium vodka, inspired by 600 years of traditional Polish vodka. Named after Belweder, the Polish presidential palace which can be seen on each label, Belvedere Vodka is one of Juicefly’s luxury liquors. Enjoy the extraordinary taste and purely distinct vodka as a shot, vodka martini, or try one of Juicefly’s cocktail recipes. To learn more about Belvedere Vodka, let’s take a look at your most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does Belvedere Vodka Cost?

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Belvedere Vodka Ingredients

Belvedere Vodka is made from only the best ingredients. In order to maintain its premium Polish vodka status it must be made with no additives as well as include specific Polish grains or potatoes and water. Belvedere blends Polish rye, purified water, and is distilled by fire. 

Belvedere Vodka Flavors

Belvedere vodka flavors include: Peach Nectar, Wild Berry, Pink Grapefruit, and Citrus.

Where is Belvedere Vodka Made

Belvedere vodka is made in its hometown of Żyrardów in Poland.

Who Makes Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere is a premium vodka of the Polish rye vodka brand. It is produced and distributed by LVMH and is also under Polmos Lublin, a Polish-state owned monopoly company of all Polish alcoholic beverages.

Is Belvedere Vodka Better Than GREY GOOSE?

Belvedere and GREY GOOSE  are often compared since they are of similar quality, so really this boils down to taste preferences. Belvedere may be your preference if you prefer rye vodka with an exquisitely clean, silky, and creamy finish with hints of almond and vanilla. If you prefer a dominant grain vodka that is also sweet from the wheat and creamy with a bite of cracked pepper, you will want to try GREY GOOSE. Either way, because these are top shelf vodkas you will enjoy the premium finish without the burn. 

Which Vodka is Better - Ketel One or Belvedere?

Again we have only preferences to consider as we are comparing premium vodkas.  If you prefer a vodka that is crisp and clean and a little sweet with a dash of lemon, you may enjoy Ketel One. However if your taste buds crave a smooth and rich finish with sweet white chocolate notes, you’ll want to go for the Belvedere.

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