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Lotus Festival In Echo Park

Lotus Festival In Echo Park

Save the date of Saturday, July 9th & Sunday, July 10th to enjoy a special and important evening at the Lotus Festival! Head over to Echo Park Lake, design your own special lantern, and let it go into the sea of water lanterns there. While lotuses stand for rebirth, purity, and vitality, illuminated water lanterns stand for our desire for a better future, gratitude for our loved ones, and remembrance of those who have passed away.

What is the Lotus Festival in Echo Park?

The Lotus Festival, held over two days in beautiful Echo Lake Park, honors Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. The celebrations take place in July when the named flower is in bloom, and they begin with an opening ceremony before moving on to live music, movie shows, cultural performances, and other events over the weekend. At this year's 2022 Lotus Festival, which will highlight the people and culture of India, the Los Angeles Parks Foundation is excited to host a Beer Garden alongside the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild!

Order what you need and attend the Lotus Festival

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The silky round crimson and black fruit on the Lassegue St. Emillion Grand Cru 2018's palate erupts, and the black fruit dominates the wine's finish with barely discernible rounded tannins. As a result of the estate's clay and limestone soils on the slopes, the Lassegue is one of the great vintages distinguished by its freshness, complexity, and strength.


Califino Tequila Blanco is clear in hue. Anise, cilantro, and warm agave provide herbal and earthy aromas that are perfect for unaged Tequila. A medley of herbs, flamed orange peel, a smidgen of lime, and a menthol accent make up the flavor profile. Clean and crisp with a lingering savory aroma, the finish is smooth.

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