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How To Happy Hour in Los Angeles

How To Happy Hour in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t like happy hours? We know you do, and luckily Los Angeles has so many of them. We gathered the names of the best places to visit at happy hours in LA for you, so before your to check out this list before your next happy hour raid. 


Diablo is a Silver Lake Mexican restaurant featuring excellent tacos and quesadillas, as well as a magnificent corner property with a large sidewalk terrace facing Sunset Blvd.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 4 - 7 pm - Daily discounts on the menu

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E.P. & L.P.

This renowned Weho restaurant has reopened with a new menu that includes salt-and-pepper calamari, lobster quesadillas, and tuna tartare crostini. Keep in mind that there is currently no bar service and that everyone on the patio must sit at a table. They don't take bookings right now, so expect to wait in line outside.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 4 - 6 pm - $6 beer, $8 red wine and rosé, $11 Aperol spritzes, $5-8 bar appetizers



Hyperion Public

Hyperion Public is a Silver Lake institution and the type of local pub where you can always count on good bar food, pleasant service, and a table for you and your companion. A site in Studio City is also available.

Happy Hour Deal: Every day, 3 - 6 pm - $3 PBR tallboys, $9 cocktails, $6 draft beer, wine, and top-shelf liquor

Big Bar

Hillhurst's Big Bar in Los Feliz delivers some of the best drinks in the neighborhood. There's plenty of room to sprawl out and unwind on the expansive front patio.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 5 - 7 pm - $5 beer, $8 wine, $10 cocktail of the day; bar snacks ranging from $5 to $12



Hi Tops

The front terrace of this sort of sports pub in the middle of Boystown is quite large. It's a terrific spot to hang out with friends, people-watch, and keep your Grindr profile up to date.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 3 - 8 pm - $5 wine, beer, and well drinks.


Spartina is an Italian restaurant on Melrose with a large front patio and consistently good meals. It's a perfect place to meet up with a friend or someone you met on a dating app but aren't sure about.

Happy Hour Deal: Every day, 4 - 6 pm - $5 beer, $7 wine, $10 cocktails, and $12 pizza, salad, and sandwiches



State Social House

Sure, there are more upscale bars on The Strip, but they require reservations, queues, and the wearing of costly attire. State Social House is the place to go if you're looking for a low-key place to grab a quick drink and call it a night.

Happy Hour Deal:  Monday through Friday, 4 - 7 pm - The Deal: Half-off all wine, beer, and liquor; bar snacks $6-7

Home Restaurant

Home, a restaurant in Los Feliz, has a lovely patio on Hillhurst that makes you feel like you're eating and drinking in a treehouse. There are no secret passwords to weed out the grownups, so don't worry. The cuisine menu is largely comfort food, with items such as baby back ribs and bacon mac & cheese on the menu.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 3 - 6 pm - Beer, wine, cocktails, and bar snacks are all $6



This Spanish tapas and wine bar on Main St. in Santa Monica serves excellent food and has a casual, easygoing atmosphere that's perfect for unwinding after a day of passive-aggressive emails from your employer.

Happy Hour Deal: Every day 5 - 6:30 pm - $ 6 - 8 apps, $7 house wine, $8 sangria

Bacari W. 4

Bacari is a local chain known for its great drink specials and delicious small meals. The patio, situated away from the blow-dry bars and cupcake businesses on West 3rd Street, makes this place unique. When you go in, you feel as if you've stepped into a portal into a European forest, complete with trees spreading in every direction and big lights suspended from the ceiling.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 5 - 7 pm - ​$7 beer, $8 sangria and wine, and $2 off all special cocktails



Tokyo Hamburg

Of the best party venues in LA is Tokyo Hamburg in Koreatown, which also serves amazing Japanese bar cuisine like cheese katsu, okonomiyaki, and their namesake Tokyo Hamburg. It's effectively a make-your-own-smash burger arrangement, complete with a large slab of grass-fed beef and a scorching hot stone to crush it down on right at the table.

Happy Hour Deal: Every day, 5-8 pm - $1 oysters, $2 small sake, $4 draft beer




The Pilot is a rooftop restaurant at the Hoxton Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. They have an open-air dining room that opens at midday and serves a snack menu of chicory salad, fried artichoke hearts, and baked ziti. They're open until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Happy Hour Deal: Monday through Friday, 2 - 5 pm - ​$4 beer, $8 wine and quality drinks, $10 gin and tonics


The Misfit Restaurant & Bar

Despite its uncomfortably close proximity to Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade, The Misfit is a casual bar and restaurant with solid bar cuisine, great cocktails, and a relatively tourist-free crowd.

Happy Hour Deal: Every day, until 6 pm - discounts on beer, wine, and cocktails

If you are in Los Angeles and want to make your own happy hour at home, browse through our beer, wines, liquors, and cocktail pages. Also, Make sure to stop by at the deals page to get the best out of your purchase.

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