When Were Vapes Invented? History of Vaping
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When Were Vapes Invented? History of Vaping

When Were Vapes Invented? History of Vaping

Vaping history is a long and exciting journey, from early models of e-cigs to modern high-tech vaporizers. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What was the first vape
  • How vapes evolved over time
  • When did vapes become popular
  • How popular is vaping today

Whether you’re a cloud chaser or a beginner to vaping, this will surely be an interesting read for everyone!

So, let’s have a look.

What was the first vape?

Surprisingly, the history of vaping goes back to the 1930s.

In fact, the first patented vaporizer was designed by Joseph Robinson back in 1930, and he submitted his patent application in 1927.

But despite this early innovation, Robinson's e-cigarette concept never made it to the commercial market.

It gets more interesting:

There is even no evidence of a prototype created by him has ever been found.

And also, the very first e-cigarette design was invented very long ago, in 1963, by a man named Herbert A. Gilbert.

Being well aware of the health implications of smoking tobacco, Gilbert’s aim filed a patent for an electronic smoking device.

Even though it’s one of the key moments in e-cig history, traditional cigarettes were very much a part of everyday life and accepted in all public places.

History of Vaping - What was the first vape?

Clearly, Herbert's idea was before its time, and he couldn’t convince any companies to bring the device to market.

The first commercially successful electronic cigarette was created in Beijing, China, by Hon Lik, a 52-year-old pharmacist. 

The motivation behind his invention stemmed from a deeply personal tragedy: the loss of his father, a heavy smoker, to lung cancer. His design achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market and swiftly entered the US market in 2007.

When did vapes become popular?

When we look at the most popular vaping devices today, disposable vapes and pod systems come forth.


Along with the introduction of nicotine salt liquids, which produce much more intense and smoother hits, these vapes gained popularity in recent years.

These top-quality vapes are the compact, portable, and convenient vaping solution with various features.

Vaping History

Juul first introduced to market pod system vapes in 2015. Their sleek and easy-to-use devices earned wide acclaim right off the bat.

Over the following years, brands like Flum and Hyppe Max presented amazing disposable vapes with different puff amounts, salt nic strength, and e-liquid capacities.

How popular is vaping today?

The evolution of e-cigarettes has come a long way back to the 20th century. According to many vaping statistics, the usage of vapes is getting much more hit daily in today’s society.

Thanks to ever-growing vape technology, new devices, easy features, and more, vapes offer a practical and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.  

From local shops to online services, you can find top-quality vaping devices in any corner or display a wide range of vape catalogs to enter the garden full of vapor clouds. 

Juicefly offers vape delivery to all parts of Los Angeles in under 1 hour. You can check our menu and boost your vaping game today!


When did vaping begin?
Vaping origins go back to the early 2000s with the invention of the modern electronic cigarette by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik.
Why was vaping invented?
Even though there are many reasons why vapes were invented, the main reason was mostly avoiding the risks of traditional cigarettes.
Who first invented vape?
There are some crucial milestones in the history of vaping. The first patented vaporizer was designed by Joseph Robinson, but the first e-cigarette design belonged to Herbert A. Gilbert.
What was the first vape ever?
The first ever vaporizer was designed by Joseph Robinson in 1930.
Did vapes exist in the 90s?
While the concept of vaping existed in the 1990s, modern vapes were not developed and widely available until the early 2000s.
Is vaping less harmful than cigarettes?
According to many studies, vaping is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.
What is the difference between smoking and vaping?
Smoking involves inhaling the combustion of tobacco or other substances, while vaping entails inhaling aerosolized vapor created by heating a liquid.
Can vaping help someone quit smoking?
Even though vaping contains nicotine, it can be an effective way to quit smoking.
Are vapes more expensive than cigarettes?
Most vape devices are affordable as cigarettes, ranging between $10-$20.
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