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12 Best Cocktail Bars in Los Angeles

12 Best Cocktail Bars in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is renowned for its glittering nightlife and vibrant bar scene, offering great options for cocktail enthusiasts.

There are excellent drinking spots all across town, whether you're in Downtown, Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, or Santa Monica.

In this blog post, we have curated a list of the best cocktail bars in Los Angeles, guaranteed to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Let's dive right in!

Top Cocktail Bars in Los Angeles


Thunderbolt is a neighborhood cocktail bar that's big on friendliness and Southern-leaning dishes, brings together Southern charm and Park's Finest BBQ.

But just because Thunderbolt is into Georgia peaches and BBQ, it doesn't mean this Historic Filipinotown pub is exclusively about juleps. 

Their cocktails here are unique, joyous, and well-balanced, and they change frequently.

The bar's fun concoctions, such as the simplified version of a pia colada (Tropipop) or the rotating selection of fizzy drinks, are particularly appealing, and we're big fans of Thunderbolt's ode to the neighborhood, the P-Town Boxing Club, created with pandan and coconut-washed rye.

Address: 1263 W Temple St Los Angeles 90026.


This women-owned and -run Los Angeles cocktail bar is intimate, stylish, and mostly focuses on gin, though other, darker spirits are available.

Even the most adverse visitors should try a few infused libations here, which incorporate green tea and even butterfly pea flower into gin for light, herbaceous, and complex notes in your cocktails.

Mezcal and rum may make a brief appearance, but even the most gin-averse visitors should at least try a few of the infused libations here, which incorporate green tea and even butterfly pea flower into gin for light, herbaceous, and complex notes in.

Currently, Genever only serves gorgeous cocktails to-go—many of which are available as solo drinks, for two people, or up to six people—but the gold-accented decor inside has delicate, feminine accents, creating an atmosphere that nearly shines.

Address: 3123 Beverly Blvd LOS ANGELES 90057


1886 is one of the best cocktail bars in Los Angeles. This bar, located behind the Raymond restaurant, provides great classic and modern cocktails cocktails, and occasionally offers themed menus.

Even when they aren't serving eerie cocktails with dry ice, the menu changes seasonally and thrives on innovation, from the summertime Pimm's #13 prepared with mezcal and Mexican Tamarindo soda to the wintery Paradise Lost created with Agricole rum, a house-made chai tincture, aged maple, and lime peel.

Even if the bar seating isn't available, you can always discover 1886's creations on Raymond's cocktail menu, which we highly suggest;

Address: 1250 S Fair Oaks Ave Los Angeles 91105

The Spare Room

Next time you are at Hollywood Boulevard, look up at the bright red neon above it all, you'll find yourself in an Old Hollywood refuge.

The Spare Room, the hotel's destination-worthy cocktail bar, is tucked even deeper into the neon's home—the lovely Roosevelt Hotel.

Whether it's on the patio at the new Spare Room or indoors at the dark, regular spot upstairs (it and its little bowling alley are presently exclusively accessible for private bookings)...

The beverages at the pop-up bar Somewhere Else scream "fun" with a modern twist. The Spare Room's crew works their magic on showy tiki-leaning cocktails and quiet classics alike; from its inception in 2011, the Spare Room has remained constant. It stands out as one of the best cocktail bars in LA!

Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles 90028

Employees Only

Employees Only, a well-known New York restaurant, expanded west, building one of the best cocktail bars in West Hollywood.

It all started with cocktails in a sleek and sophisticated speakeasy-like environment, and by 2020, it had evolved into a destination for some of L.A.'s hottest up-and-coming chefs and pop-ups.

Inside, you enter via the psychic's storefront and are greeted by a Deco-inspired dining area and curved bar, replete with Henry's Room (a sort of speakeasy accessed through a back wall).

But, since then, the pub has opened Summer Social Club in the parking lot next door, where it has laid out astroturf and set up picnic tables for a low-key, seasonally appropriate vibe.

Address: 7953 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood 90046


Since 2009, the Varnish has been best cocktail bars in Downtown Los Angeles, and it is widely regarded as the godfather of L.A.'s artisan cocktail trend.

The speakeasy is located inside Cole's and is only identified by a drawing of a coupe glass. It always feels like a party,  a type of jazz-den celebration from bygone decades.

It's the ideal setting for a traditional cocktail from the Prohibition era, such as an old-fashioned or a sazerac, which the bartenders are more than capable of making, but the short menu of house concoctions is always worth a look.

Do you want to try something new? Select the Bartender's Choice option and leave the selection to them.

Address: 118 E 6th St Los Angeles 90014

The Roger Room

The beverages at this ground-breaking cocktail bar are small, but they pack a punch.

Once you've found it (go to Largo and look for a neon sign for an old psychic parlor), you'll discover more than 20 classic cocktails with a twist, including the vanilla-infused Spiced Mule, all served in chilled glasses with the occasional plastic monkey.

Bartenders in snazzy suspenders are constantly on hand to make a suggested cocktail or give an impromptu lesson on Japanese whisky, ensuring that the service is as good as the drinks.

"The best of everything, nothing but the best," is their tagline, and it surely applies.

Address: 370 La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles 90048

Big Bar

Big Bar is warm and welcoming, with many antique trinkets. Add a ton of liquor to the mix.

Despite its name, is actually pretty small, housed in a renovated cottage in Los Feliz, and seems more like a welcoming hug than a claustrophobic nightmare with around 15 people inside.

From bartender takeovers to movie-themed beverages coinciding with a screening on the terrace, this totally retro hideaway manages to host a slew of events with ease. Add in an easy-to-understand but creative drink menu, and you've arrived in neighborhood-bar bliss.

Address: 1927 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles 90027

The Rendition Room

This cozy Los Angeles cocktail bar is a great place to enjoy barrel-aged cocktails and unique creations by the barman, Scott Warren, who also ensures a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

The Rendition Room is a private speakeasy located behind the historic Vitello's Restaurant in Studio City, CA. A little notice: they have a dress code.

Address: 4349 Tujunga Ave #2, Studio City, CA 91604

Capri Club

Capri Club is another essential cocktail bar in Los Angeles. This new-old Eagle Rock aperitivo bar is housed in a historic building.

Offering classic cocktails, espresso martinis, craft cocktails, and fashioneds, this inviting spot has fantastic drinks.

best cocktail bars in los angeles

Choose a cozy red leather booth, kick back with a Venetian spritz, and explore the vast menu.

Address: 4604 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Tiki Ti

Tiki Ti is an absolutely great cocktail bar in Los Angeles, known for its vibrant atmosphere. 

As an essential part of Los Angeles’s drinking culture, this bar has become a staple in the city’s bar scene, offering an extensive menu of tropical drinks served in unique and colorful glassware and innovative cocktail creations.

best cocktail bars in los angeles

If you are looking for a cocktail bar near you in Sunset Boulevard, Tiki Ti a great choice.

Address: 4427 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

The Misfit

This place features high tin ceilings, vintage tiled floors, columns, and ambient globe lighting, resembling 20th-century Paris. 

One of the best cocktail bars in Santa Monica, The Misfits is ideal for date night or classy day drinking. From opening until 6 pm daily, most specialty cocktails are half-price.

Address: 225 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Where to drink the best cocktails in Los Angeles?
Thunderbolt, Genever, 1886, and The Spare Room are among the best cocktail bars in Los Angeles.
What makes a good cocktail bar?
Cocktail variety, customer service, pleasant atmosphere, staff, and location make a cocktail bar good.
Does Santa Monica have cocktail bars?
Yes, The Misfit is an excellent cocktail bar in Santa Monica that offers the most specialty cocktails for its customers.
What's the difference between a cocktail bar and a regular bar?
Cocktail bars mostly specialize in mixology, offering a variety of mixed alcoholic drinks that include classics such as martinis, manhattans, mojitos, and margaritas.
How do you enjoy a cocktail bar?
You can feel the ambiance, enjoy the artistry of mixology, and let the carefully crafted cocktails give you unique flavors and experiences, all while engaging in lively conversations with friends or family.
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