How Much Alcohol is in Champagne and Sparkling Wine?
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How Much Alcohol is in Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

How Much Alcohol is in Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

Don’t you love that warm fuzzy feeling you get after drinking champagne?

There’s a good reason why this popular drink gives us giggles and fills us with happiness.

Champagne has a surprisingly high alcohol by volume content compared to similar beverages, such as sparkling wine.

Champagne Alcohol Content

The typical alcohol content in champagne hovers around 12%, signifying that it comprises 12% pure alcohol. It has been shown that the bubbles in champagne allow your body to absorb the liquid faster into the bloodstream.

How much alcohol is in champagne and sparkling wine?

This could make you feel the effects of the alcohol much faster than if you were drinking regular wine. In fact, this might be the reason you might feel tipsy after just one glass of champagne.

Typical Champagne Alcohol Percentage

The standard champagne alcohol content ranges between 12% and 13%. This range is maintained through precise and regulated winemaking practices specific to the Champagne region.

So, how much alcohol is in a glass of champagne?

The alcohol content stays the same in a glass of champagne or a bottle of champagne. For example, if a bottle of champagne contains 12% ABV, then one glass of champagne will also contain 12%.

As we mentioned above, due to the bubbles in champagne, the alcohol enters your bloodstream quickly and could make you feel tipsy after drinking just one glass. 

You might be thinking 'just one glass? I can drink one beer and feel fine! What gives?' This is because champagne has a higher alcohol content by volume vs beer. Most beer contains 4%-7% ABV, which is significantly less than champagne. 

How much alcohol is in champagne and sparkling wine?

Sparkling Wine Alcohol Content

There are many different variations of sparkling wine, each with its own ABV content.

Some have a lower alcohol by volume content and are ideal for mixed drinks, while others have pretty respectable alcohol by volume content and should be consumed as is. Here are some of the most common sparkling wines:


Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine with an alcohol content ranging from 10.5%-13%. It is made from Prosecco grapes.

This type of bubbly is mainly produced in Veneto, Italy. Prosecco is an affordable alternative to champagne, and you can find a quality bottle of Prosecco for under $20.


Asti is another Italian sparkling wine with an alcohol content of about 7%-9.5%. This sparkling beverage is ideal for those with a lower alcohol tolerance, since it has a pretty low ABV content.

One can enjoy a glass or two of Asti without feeling overly tipsy.

Cava Do

Cava Do originated in Spain and is produced as either white or rosé sparkling wine. This type of bubbly has a high alcohol content ranging from 12.5%-13.5%.

Although it might not be as common as the two sparkling wine types listed above, Cava Do is a true delight.

Factors Influencing Alcohol Percentage

From grape varieties to fermentation techniques, these factors play a pivotal role in determining the final alcohol percentage.

How much alcohol is in André champagne?

André champagne is available in seven types, including the classic varieties: brut, extra dry, and blush. Each of the seven varieties contains between 6-5%-10.5% alcohol.

The three classic varieties contain a higher alcohol percentage than the fruity flavor options like strawberry and peach passion.

How much alcohol is in pink Moscato?

Moscato is a sweet fizzy wine with a low alcohol content. This type of bubbly pairs well with desserts and appetizers. Moscato has a low alcohol content of around 5%-7%.

Whether you drink sparkling wine or champagne, we are sure you'll have a fabulous time. These bubbly options are perfect for a party, event, dinner, or brunch!

You can even pair sparkling wine and champagne with breakfast foods for an unforgettable start to the day. Check out our blog on breakfast wines!


How much alcohol is in champagne?
Champagnes typically possess an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of approximately 12.2%.
How much alcohol is in sparkling wine?
The alcohol content in sparkling wine can vary, but it typically ranges from 11% to 13% by volume.
Does champagne have alcohol?
The champagne alcohol percentage is approximately 12.2%.
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