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Best Whiskeys For Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Best Whiskeys For Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Ahh St. Patrick's Day!

A day to gather with your best mates, don a classic Green and celebrate Ireland in all its glory while sipping on some of the finer Whiskeys this world has to offer.

Sure, you could go for the classic Jameson Irish whiskey, but why not make this special occasion even more unique with one of these amazing whiskeys perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

With so many Types & Variants available at Juicefly picking just one can be daunting.

Follow our guide and you will definitely find something interesting & worthy of Celebrating Saint Patricks in Style! So without further ado lets get started.


Buchanan's Scotch Whisky is guaranteed to elevate any celebration, thanks to nearly a century of experience. This 80 proof whisky has a pleasant, creamy flavor with orange and chocolate undertones, with aromas of citrus fruits and honey.

For a lively character, this luxury whisky is crafted to the finest standards. The deluxe blend, which has been aged for 12 years, has a milder flavor than denser whiskies. This award-winning whisky is fantastic on its own.


Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey has an extraordinarily smooth flavor because wheat is used instead of rye.

The burnt orange color of this bourbon sticks out instantly. It is 90 proof, and this bourbon's milder flavor notes make it ideal for sipping or mixing drinks.


Enjoy this barrel-aged and triple-distilled combination of excellent grains and single malt. With notes of vanilla, honey, and toasted wood, the result is an incredibly pleasant Irish whiskey.

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey is finest served on the rocks, straight up, or in a tasty cocktail.


This is a post about Irish whiskeys, but we couldn’t skip Baileys as well since it is one of the most iconic Irish drinks. Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur will bring the spirit of Ireland to any gathering.

This 34 proof liqueur is the perfect mix of excellent Irish dairy cream and a special chocolate blend. The unique combination of spirits and whiskey preserves the original flavor of Irish cream, making it ideal for use in coffee or hot chocolate.


Teeling's signature Irish whiskey, Small Batch, defies expectations of what an Irish whiskey may be. This bottling is made up of hand-selected casks that have been aged in ex-rum barrels to add added character and a silky flavor that is unique to liquid.

The Irish whiskey with authentic character is completed by bottling it at 46 percent alcohol by volume with no chill filtration. The aroma is enticing, with vanilla and spice dancing with bright, sweet rum notes. The rum cask has an impact on the flavor. A greater alcohol content results in a smooth, sweet, and slightly woody flavor that sparkles on the tongue.


Slane Irish Whiskey is made in Slane, Ireland, and is matured in the producer’s trademark 'Tripled Casked' technique. Their Grain & Malt whiskies are rested in three different types of casks: virgin oak, seasoned oak, and oloroso sherry.

These casks are then mixed to create an Irish whiskey that is extraordinarily rich and silky. This whiskey is a tribute to the people of Slane's character, as well as all those who take satisfaction in creating their own heritage.

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