buy Château Magdeleine Boubou Malbec Sans Sufre (No Added Sulfites) Le Petite Madeline 2019 in los angeles

Château Magdeleine Boubou Malbec Sans Sufre (No Added Sulfites) Le Petite Madeline 2019

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Tasting Notes & Food Pairing

100% Malbec / Biodynamic / No Added Sulfites / Natural Wine

Good to drink lightly chilled, this nice rare wine is light, smooth,

with sensations of fresh fruit. The wine is made to enjoy with
friends or for an unannounced visit.

History of the Estate

The first traces of this estate date back to the 18th century
(“Domaine Bouhou”). In the 19th century, the estate became the
property of two Bordeaux wine merchants, the wife of one and
the daughter of the other named ‘Madeleine’. The name became
a link between the two families. In 2010, the third generation
hired Stéphane Derenoncourt as a consultant in order to obtain
the best of her property and terroir. The property was recently
sold and is undergoing even more improvement works via its new

Winemaking and Vinification

Clay & limestone, typical of the appellation. Plot selection from

old vine, at least 35 years of age, yielding 40.5 hectoliters per
hectare. Sustainable management in the vineyard - working the
soils for a better soil oxygenation. Chemical weeding is
banned. Short pruning for low yield, thinning and green
harvesting. Vinification by plot, with alcoholic fermentation in
little concrete vats with thermoregulation. Soft pipeage to
optimize extractions. Aging for 12 to 14 months in French oak
barrels with 30% of new oak barrel each year. About 50,000
bottles per year.

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