Golden Road Ride On West Coast IPA
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Golden Road Ride On West Coast IPA delivery in los angeles

Golden Road Ride On West Coast IPA

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 Brewers' love of aromatic hops and distinctive flavors to make an IPA perfect to take anywhere. Bursting with stone fruit & tropical flavors of apricot, peach, & guava with a crisp hoppy finish, this West Coast IPA is not to be missed. Golden Road Ride On West Coast IPA delivery in Los Angeles

  • 7% ABV
  • 45 IBU


2 Row, Bohemian Pilsner


Cashmere, Idaho 7, Amarillo, Strata

Tasting Notes:

Golden & balanced, with stonefruit, tropical, passionfruit flavor and a crisp hoppy finish.

What defines an IPA beer?

IPA is known for its hoppy and unique flavors. This type of beer is full of character and charisma, which is why so many people love them. IPA beer has a rich history dating back to British colonial times in India. India was so hot and humid that it was difficult to brew beer. British sailors came up with a beer rich in hops to act as a preservative so they could make it in England and ship it to India. Since the beer had so much hops in it, it could survive the long ocean journey that sometimes took months. IPA made its first appearance in an advertisement back in 1829, and that was considered the official launch of IPA.

What is the difference between IPA beer and regular beer?

IPA’s include a large variety of different styles of beer. New England IPAs have a more fruity flavor, while British IPAs taste more bitter. West Coast IPAs have an even balance of bitterness and fruitiness. So what is the difference between IPA and regular beer? IPA is very heavy on hops and generally has a higher ABV content than other beers. For example, American Pale Ale has a ABV content between 5%-6% and a soft taste, while India Pale Ale beer can reach upwards of 10% ABV and has a bitter, stronger taste.

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