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American Spirit Grey

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Grown only in St. James Parish, Louisiana, the robust flavor of Perique tobacco is crafted with American Spirit Blend provides 100% additive-free natural cigarette unlike any other. First cultivated by Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians more than 400 years ago, the Perique tradition has been carried down through generations. American Spirit Grey delivery in Los Angeles

The distinct qualities of Perique don't just come from a rare variety of tobacco but traditional farming methods and skillful processing techniques along with years of aging in oak barrels. These practices, honed over centuries, still rely on one timeless toll: hands. Skilled workers are integral to every step of the process, from harvesting the mature tobacco to de-stemming the dried leaves. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship combined with a unique blend gives you the distinctive rich taste found in Grey Pack.American Spirit offers the best in organic & menthol tobacco cigarettes.

California law does not prohibit the sale of nicotine vaping devices and e-cigarettes when the buyer’s age is verified. Sales of flavored tobacco and vape products are prohibited in walk-in stores and vending machines to protect underage sales, but does not apply to the online sales. Juicefly takes all measures to verify customer's ID both online and upon delivery not to allow any underage sale of tobacco products.

How to order e-cigarettes online with Juicefly?

If you're looking for a smoke shop delivery online for e-cigarettes or tobacco products, Juicefly is the right address. You can order your vapes and vaping products online from registered and licensed retailers as long as you verify your age. American Spirit Grey delivery in Los Angeles

Is vape shipping illegal?

Vape shipping is restricted as of 2021. Retailers need to check customer's ID before checkout and during delivery, and also must ship with private shipping companies. Juicefly does ship vaping products to allowed states with private shipping companies after verifying customer's ID and their age. 

Juicefly 1 Hour Delivery. Juicefly offers Alcohol & Vape delivery in Los Angeles 7 days a week. We are open Monday to Sunday from 10 am-10 pm.  You can order Alcohol & Vape online and leave us the rest. 

*The minimum age to buy tobacco products in the U.S.A is 21 by law. These products can only be delivered after an ID verification.

American Spirit Grey delivery in Los Angeles


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