Shipping Wine in USA

Wine shipping is another amenity that Juicefly offers to its customers from other states. Let’s have a look at all you need to know about wine shipping in the USA and how can order your wine from a different state.

Can bottles of wine be shipped?

Buying wine online or over the phone from an out-of-state winery or retailer is easier, safer, and more popular than ever before, but consumers who have gone through the process of purchasing wine online or over the phone from an out-of-state winery or retailer know that there is always a tense moment of uncertainty when the question "What state do you live in?" comes up.

The extent to which retailers will sell and transport wine directly to consumers varies by state, winery, and retailer. It's worth noting that selling or shipping wine without the help of a licensed third party is illegal. Wine can be shipped directly from a winery in most jurisdictions, however, most states ban consumers from ordering wine from an out-of-state shop. A state's right to restrict retailer shipping is less clear, and most states will allow consumers to have wine delivered from a local shop but not from one outside the state's borders.

US Postal Service does not accept packages with alcohol

In the United States, the majority of direct-to-consumer wine deliveries are handled by a common carrier like FedEx, and the shipment must be signed for by an adult age 21 or older.

What states allow shipping of alcohol?

Shipping Wine to New Jersey

Shipping Wine to California

Shipping Wine to Florida

Shipping Wine to Massachusetts

Shipping Wine to Virginia

Shipping Wine to North Carolina

Shipping Wine to Arizona

Shipping Wine to Oregon

Shipping Wine to Connecticut

Shipping Wine to Missouri

Shipping Wine to Minnesota

Shipping Wine to Alaska

Shipping Wine to North Dakota

Shipping Wine to Washington

Shipping Wine to New Mexico

Shipping wine to District Of Columbia

Where is the best place to order wine online?

Juicefly is pleased to ship your wine to the United States! We'll deliver your order right to your door, allowing you to take advantage of Juicefly wine discounts. You don't have to wait for your favorite wines to go on sale near you; Juicefly will deliver the finest wine deals to you.

Take a look through our premium selection of all kinds of wines to get just what you are looking for. We are proud of our exceptional assortment of high-quality wines, which we are happy to offer to you at the best possible price.


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