Wine Gift in Los Angeles | Wine Delivery

Carmel Road Pinot Noir Carmel Road Pinot Noir
Korbel Brut Korbel Brut
Angel’s Ink Pinot Noir Angel’s Ink Pinot Noir
Treana Cabernet Sauvignon Treana Cabernet Sauvignon
Weed Cellars Chardonnay Weed Cellars Chardonnay
La Crema Pinot Noir La Crema Pinot Noir
Coquelicot Riesling Coquelicot Riesling
Oak Farm Vineyards Rosé Oak Farm Vineyards Rosé
Opus One Opus One
Windrun Santa Rita Hills Windrun Santa Rita Hills
Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir
Rutherford Vintners Merlot Rutherford Vintners Merlot
Apothic Dark Red Blend Apothic Dark Red Blend
Oak Farm Vineyards Barbera Oak Farm Vineyards Barbera
Edna Valley Chardonnay Edna Valley Chardonnay
Oak Farm Vineyards Fiano Oak Farm Vineyards Fiano
Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon
Colene Clemens Pinot Noir Colene Clemens Pinot Noir
Kennedy Shah Merlot Kennedy Shah Merlot
The Naked Grape Chardonnay The Naked Grape Chardonnay
Turning Leaf Merlot Turning Leaf Merlot
Livingston Cellars Rhine Livingston Cellars Rhine
Zoto Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 2021 Zoto Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills 2021

Can I send wine as a gift?

You can send wine as a gift to the person you wish via Juicefly. The process is the same as your personal orders. Make sure that the address for the delivery matches the location of the person you wanted to gift the item to, and state that the item will be sent as a gift in the order note section before checkout.

*There will be an ID verification for the person who will receive the alcoholic product. Juicefly does not accept orders for people under the age of 21 by law. 

Age verification

By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol.


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