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What Are the Different Wine Glasses?

What Are the Different Wine Glasses?

The Most Popular Questions Answered.

Do you think you know wine? Think about it: there are at least 2000 different wine grapes in the world (100 are grown in California alone.) Every grape can become a wide variety of wine styles to please every palate, pair with any food and moment. How cool is that?


Tasting wine can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t. At the end of the day, tasting wine is all about discovering new scents and flavors to find out what you like the most. The best way of tasting wine? It all starts with the right wine glass. Here’s what you need to know.



Do Wine Glasses Really Make A Difference?

 Close your eyes for a second and picture yourself drinking a lovely glass of chilled Chardonnay from a tall, stemmed glass. Feel the cold crystal on your fingertips and the thin, cold rim kissing your lips. Now imagine yourself drinking the same wine from a red plastic cup. Do wine glasses really make a difference? Of course they do.


Just like you can’t enjoy a steak with a plastic fork and knife, wine is better enjoyed in proper glassware. Not only is the overall experience better, the aromas coming out of the glass are more vibrant when you stick your nose in the wine glass.


How to Choose Wine Glasses to Enjoy Wine at its Fullest? 

That’s the right question. Different wine is better enjoyed in distinct wine glasses. Know your wine, and you’ll know just the right wine glass for it. Read on and learn how to do it.



Which Wine Glasses Go with Which Wine? 

There are two types of wine glasses. The ones made from glass, which are often sturdy and not very refined (but they’re great for large crowds!) and the ones made from crystal which are a bit more expensive, but they’re delightful to hold and drink from.


Other than the material, what matters most when choosing wine glasses is the wine glass shapes. The bolder the wine, the larger the bowl of the glass should be — it must capture all those scents for you to pick up with every whiff.


You must have noticed there’s a difference between the most important wine glasses. Red wine glass versus white wine glass. Here are their characteristics.


White Wine Glass, Smaller but effective

White wine glass shapes are often slimmer and smaller. That’s partially because modern white wine is not that aromatic, but also because white wine is best enjoyed cold, and smaller wine glasses preserve the wine’s temperature better. The same goes for rose wine glassware. You can use white wine glasses for rosé.


There’s an exception, though. Chardonnay, a popular white wine grape, can be big and bold, especially when aged in oak barrels. In that case, you want to use a large wine glass, often known as the Burgundy glass. It has a wide bowl to capture all those apple custard and vanilla flavors!


The Red Wine Glass, That’s the Large Wine Glass We Love

Talking about wine glass names, a Bordeaux glass is the quintessential vessel to enjoy robust red wines, mainly the ones made with Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Tempranillo and others. This is the best glass for red wine because it has a chimney-like bowl that captures the fruit-forward aromas and hints of spices nicely.


The one exception is Pinot Noir. This elegant red grape is complex on the nose, but gentle in the palate. It’s best enjoyed in a Burgundy glass with a wide bowl.


What are tiny wine glasses for?

Finally, there’s the specialty stemware. Tiny glasses are ideal for sweet wine, for which you pour an ounce or two at a time. Then there are the flute glasses, too, designed to showcase sparkling wine’s bubbles.


Matching wine with wine glasses is tons of fun, and if you need some extra bottles to try some wine glasses, check out the well-rounded list of wine at JuiceFly. Fine wine delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in LA.



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