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Top-Rated Rose Wines You Can Buy In Los Angeles

Top-Rated Rose Wines You Can Buy In Los Angeles

The rose obsession has become so well-established in the United States that no one can deny that it is more than just a summer drink. Pink wine is a year-round staple for the vast majority of the drinking public. Furthermore, the bulk of recent Northern Hemisphere bottlings is available in the United States. VinePair's tasting panel gathered last month to find the finest of the best in the rosé category, and this year did not disappoint. The list for 2022 was compiled based on considerations such as quality, pricing, and availability, and includes grocery staples, bottles for high-rated wine connoisseurs, and other worthy splurges.

Look for a recent vintage and drink within one to two years of purchase to get the most out of a high-rated rose. Before serving, make sure your wine is thoroughly chilled, but not so cold that you can't taste the subtler flavors.

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Here are the top-rated rose wines you can order in Los Angeles:


From the bottle to the contents, this wine is wonderful. The scent is layered with raspberry and strawberry jam, leading to a lovely, yet peppery palate. A lively wine with enough acidity for food pairing but with enough roundness to be enjoyed on its own. This is the best wine for any event if you just have one bottle to bring. It's a vivid pastel pink with specks of copper reflections. A unique blend of traditional Provençal red berries leads to festive fragrances of pine, cinnamon, and cookies. Syrah's spice characteristics give the wine a dry, white pepper flavor that lingers on the mouth. A smidgeon of Rolle adds acidity and brightness, as well as a warming finish.



This rose wine has a lovely peachy-pink color to it. White peach and exotic fruit notes mingle with undertones of vanilla on the delicious nose. A citrus, slightly spicy note reminiscent of everlasting flowers completes the picture. A delightful freshness lends length to the soft, broad palate, which leads to a citrusy aftertaste. The mix consists of 60% Grenache, 28% Cinsault, 8% Syrah, and 4% Mourvèdre.





11 minutes Pasqua 2019 Odi Et Amo Rose was chosen for its flowery notes as well as the wine's strong acidity. Trebbiano adds elegance and a lengthy finish, Syrah adds excellent fruit and spice flavors to the glass, and Carménère adds structure and long-term stability. This is a light, enveloping rosé with a rich, nuanced fragrance that's perfect for spring and summer evenings.


VieVité Rose emanates the colors of a real Côtes de Provence rose wine, with a stunning translucent pink color. An aroma of juicy tropical fruit is complemented by a delightful fragrance of white flowers and a subtle hint of spice on the nose. A crisp and delicate finish is created by well-structured fruit and balanced acidity on the palate.


This wine is made entirely of Malbec and has a lovely pale rosy color. Every sip is greeted with a great fruitiness, with superb flavors of strawberries, cherries, and red fruits. It's a refreshing and palate-friendly wine thanks to its natural acidity.

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