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The Best Domestic Wines for Valentine’s Day 2022

The Best Domestic Wines for Valentine’s Day 2022

Everyone knows that there are three things that make Valentine's Day special: chocolate, wine, and spending time with the one you love. On a holiday like this, whether you love red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, or rosé, it's crucial to choose a bottle that will make celebrating at home a great experience.

Why do people drink wine on Valentine’s Day?

Wine is perceived as a romantic drink, so it is no surprise that wine is at the top of valentines choice for a drink. Wine also produces chemicals in the brain that are linked to feelings of love and pleasure. A glass of wine can offer many people the same feeling as being hugged or having a good time with friends. On Valentine's Day, many people drink it to improve their feelings of love and relaxation.

What to know before you buy wine for Valentine’s Day at home?

When the wine has a high tannin content, the flavors are bolder, richer, and more complex. Wines with greater tannin levels take longer to age in general. Higher-quality wines have less acidity, albeit this is subjective and depends on the preferences of the drinker. A good balance of flavors, tannins, and acidity is essential for good wine. If you're planning on serving your wine with chocolate on Valentine's Day at home, go for something that's not too sweet but not too dry.

What is the best wine for Valentine's Day?

There are lots of good bottles for Valentine’s day. For this blog post, we start with domestic options.


The second release from the Sonoma Coast appellation is the 2017 Tous Ensemble Pinot Noir. The manufacturers were able to take the wine to the next level of excellence by using what they learned the prior year and isolating our preferred blocks in the vineyard. The goal for this blend is to create a wine that is faithful to the Copain style of being a refined expression of Pinot Noir, but that is a little easier to drink right away. On the nose, there are traces of pomegranate and anise, with strawberry and black tea emerging as the wine opens out. The fine grain tannin and nervy acid in this wine give it tension on the entrance.


With a medium body, superb fruit notes, and silky, structured tannins, this is a quintessential Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Cherry, cassis, blackberry, and chocolate flavors abound in the glass. This is a beautifully balanced Cabernet Sauvignon with a lengthy, lingering finish.


The Treana Cabernet Sauvignon epitomizes all that makes Paso Robles a world-class wine region. The flavor and structure of this dark wine are both powerful. Your senses are awakened by the aromas of freshly ground coffee, leather, and dark fruit. Sweet vanilla, spicy black pepper, and layers of smoke coat the palate before a smooth silky finish with a hint of youthful acidity and medium tannin.


Bright, juicy cherries and deep earthy flavors with spice, mild wood, and delicate texture characterize this robust and expressive Pinot Noir. It's a good match with salmon and turkey.


Angels Ink Pinot Noir is lush, round, and supple in character, sourced from prime vineyards across the Central Coast. The wine has a blast of cherry and vanilla-flavored juiciness that encapsulates its overall identity, and it is fruit-forward with an integrated oak presence.


The nose of this blend of 60 percent Cabernet Franc, 20 percent Merlot, 8% Malbec, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Petit Verdot is filled with intriguing aromas of black plum, iodine, teriyaki, leather, and charred wood. The wine begins with firm tannins, then opens out to riper blackberry and dark-raspberry flavors, with herbs dusted in toward the finish. Varietals Individually aged for 16 months in neutral French oak. In March of 2018, it was blended and bottled in an unfiltered and unrefined state.


Citrus, green apple, a hint of tropical fruit, and a touch of richness in the glass characterize this classic California Chardonnay. This wine has good balance, a little minerality, and a lingering finish because it was grown beside the Russian River and fermented in 70 percent stainless steel and 30 percent French oak barrels. This is a lovely Chardonnay with a charming price tag.

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