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National Lambrusco Day - June 21st

National Lambrusco Day - June 21st

On June 21, the globe honors one of Italy's most famous wines, the Lambrusco, which is sometimes misunderstood and vilified.

Lambrusco is the name of an Italian red wine grape as well as a wine made primarily from it. The grapes and wine come from four Emilia-Romagna zones and one Lombardy zone, primarily in the central provinces of Modena, Parma, Reggio-Emilia, and Mantua. The grape has a long history in winemaking, with archaeological evidence indicating that it was grown by the Etruscans. Lambrusco was prized in Roman times for its productivity and great yields, with Cato the Elder claiming that two-thirds of an acre of grapes could produce enough wine to fill 300 amphoras.

What is Lambrusco wine?

The Charmat (Martinotti) method, which is also used to make prosecco, is most usually employed to make Lambrusco wines in a somewhat sparkling (“frizzante”) style. This method of sparkling winemaking, unlike the traditional method used in Champagne, cava, and crémant production, involves secondary fermentation in a pressurized tank. Although red Lambrusco is the most popular, the wine can also be found in rosé form. Lambruscos have a low alcohol content, making them ideal for drinking at any time of day; they're commonly found on breakfast and lunch tables throughout Italy.

Lambrusco wines, tend to be on the fizzy and frothy side of the sparkling wine spectrum, with styles ranging from bone-dry to quite sweet. Lambrusco has flavors of cherries, strawberries, blackberry jam, violets, citrus zest, and potting soil, regardless of the sweetness level.

Lambrusco wines are ideal for pairing with a wide range of dishes and cuisines because of their crisp acidity, fruit forwardness, and relatively low alcohol content. Pizza, poultry dishes, and fruit-based sweets are popular matches, but the wine also goes well with charcuterie boards, hard cheeses, and a variety of tacos.

How to start getting to know more about Lambrusco

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Lambrusco Dell Emilia Azienda Agricola Denny Bini Podere Cipolla is a light-hearted Lambrusco that exemplifies the type of party to which it should be brought. A delight that doesn't have to be taken seriously, with a soft red fruit flavor and crisp acidity to match the bubbles.

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