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Hola, It’s Grenache Day

Hola, It’s Grenache Day

Every year on the third Friday of September, International Grenache Day raises awareness about one of the world's most extensively grown grapes. It is also a day to honor this Spanish red wine.

What kind of wine is Grenache?

Most people understand that wine is made from grapes. You may also be aware that winemakers employ a variety of grapes to produce a vast range of wines. The Grenache grape is one such grape that is employed. Grenache is a vibrant red fruit that adds a refreshing and appealing flavor to wines. This grape is grown on six of the seven continents, so it's no wonder that it's the predominant grape in many well-known wine regions.

According to Wikipedia, Spain owns the grape's origins, and it is now the third most widely planted grape variety in the country. However, the Grenache grape is becoming more popular in other parts of the world. This adaptable grape is grown in France, Australia, and the United States. Grenache grapes are grown on around 200,000 hectares of vineyard land worldwide.

This grape is preferred by winemakers because of its low acidity and tannins, which help to make the wine taste less bitter. They also mix Grenache with other grapes to make the perfect bottle of wine. Grenachistas are those who have grown to appreciate wines created from the Grenache grape.

Is Grenache a heavy wine?

Grenache, in general, is not thought to be a heavy wine. While the warm coloration, high alcohol concentration, and rich, tannin-y flavors make Grenache a particularly full-bodied wine, Grenache is intended to be medium-bodied. Classical Grenache, on the other hand, is not made to be heavy. "Vin doux naturel" is a French variant of Grenache that has been fortified and reduced into a deeper, sweeter product that fits the criteria of dessert wine.

What is Grenache similar to?

Grenache is a thin-skinned red wine with fruity aromas and sharp acidity that is akin to Pinot Noir. However, the bigger body and ripe fruit consistency place it in a distinct category. This grape has diverse expressions depending on where it is grown, but it is always light and fruity.

Try these wines for International Grenache Day



Grenache Day


There are rich scents of red berries, floral notes, citrus, peach, and apricot in this wine, which is pale pink in color. The mouthfeel grows full, and the aftertaste is scrumptious and lingering. The La Domitienne Saint Guilhem le Desert Grenache Gris is a classic Mediterranean wine derived from this Southern grape varietal. Fragrant and refined, like a fruity cocktail.



D66 Grenache


D66 Grenache has full-bodied richness and depth on the palate, with flavors of ripe blackberry and currant fruits, chocolate, crushed pepper, licorice, and leafy herbs, but it manages to remain perfectly balanced and nimble. It has a shelf life of 7–8 years and is described as rich, luxurious, and decadent.

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Grenache Day


The 2018 ARTEMIS Cabernet Sauvignon has juicy raspberry, dark cherry, and blackberry aromas with touches of cedar and spice. Dark chocolate, cherry, dried fruit, and toasted oak notes dominate the mid-palate. The finish is full-bodied and lingering.




The La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 Tinto has aromas that are really strong. It is so complex, with notes of plums and ripe grapes, as well as raspberries, tobacco leaves, cedar, licorice, vanilla, chocolate, and ground coffee. The tannins are refined and silky, with a mild, delicate aftertaste. The finish is complete with balsamic coffee and toasted caramel aromas, candied fruits, and licorice.




The vintage's robust tannins contribute to the elegance of this wine, which is now a gorgeously ripe, deep, concentrated gem. The wine's youthful vibrancy and abundant black fruit are undiminished by the high alcohol content.

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