Get Your Bordeaux Glasses Ready, National Red Wine Day Is Here
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Get Your Bordeaux Glasses Ready, National Red Wine Day Is Here

Get Your Bordeaux Glasses Ready, National Red Wine Day Is Here

When it comes to red wine, any day, but especially August 28, is a fantastic day. All the old rules regarding when and how to enjoy this exquisite beverage can be tossed out the window today. Instead, we pour some of our favorite red wines into our chilled glasses and take a moment to appreciate their flavor. You should join us.

History of Red Wine

Wine has been around for many thousands of years. People in China's Henana province may have been the first to make something like red wine. This may have happened around 7000 BC. This drink would have been made of wild grapes, honey, rice, and hawthorn fruit. The mixture was kept in clay jars with yeast on the outside, which caused it to ferment.

The history of wine goes back thousands of years. The first winery in the world was built around 6100 BC, and it was founded in Armenia in 2007. Archaeologists from Armenia and Ireland found that the earliest form of winemaking in the past took place in a cave.

Red wine has been a part of many cultures around the world since the beginning of time. As society has grown, so has the technology needed to grow the right grapes and turn them into this tasty drink. Red wine has become more than just a drink. In both the old world and the new, it has come to represent change, happiness, friendship, and even food and life.

All of these and more are what National Red Wine Day is all about. It was started by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway in 2014 with the goal of honoring the beauty and elegance of red wine. National Red Wine Day is a time to enjoy and celebrate as the grapes start to ripen and fall gets closer.

How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine?

There are approximately 125 calories in a glass of red wine on average. There is a possibility that one glass will only have 95 calories for you to ingest. It's possible the number may go as high as 205 calories at its highest point.

Is Rosé Wine a Red Wine?

Rosé is a sort of wine that is produced from red wine grapes in a manner that is comparable to that of red wine, but with less time spent fermenting the wine with the grape skins. Because rosé wine has less contact with the grape skins than red wine does, it has a pinker color and a more delicate flavor.

What Are the Names of Some Red Wines?

With more than a thousand different kinds of grapes used to make wine, it's probably not a surprise that there are so many different kinds of red wine. This includes popular red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah, as well as many others. Cabernet and Merlot are two of the most popular types of red wine that are made in large quantities. They are also two of the most common grapes used to make red wine around the world, but there are other well-known grapes as well, such as Pinot Noir, Syrah (Shiraz), Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Grenache/Garnacha.

We don’t even have to say how much we love a good bottle of red wine, and we know you do too. You can enjoy a beautiful red on the 28th with Juicefly’s fast wine delivery in Los Angeles. You can place your orders for wine and vapes 7 days a week. Make sure to check out these bottles before National Red Wine Day.


Red wine lovers, rejoice: Vega Sicilia has delivered the kind of refined red wine you'd expect from them. The fact that the 1995 vintage, which was their first attempt at making this wine, was already recognized as one of the year's 100 greatest by Wine Spectator attests to the fact that it was never meant to be a second wine.


The vintage's ample tannins have helped this wine develop into a thick and concentrated specimen that displays all the splendor of its ripeness. In spite of its high alcohol content, this wine still has a lively character and a lot of black fruit flavor.


Expressive aromas of juicy raspberry, dark cherry, and blackberry, with touches of cedar and spice, characterize the 2018 vintage of ARTEMIS Cabernet Sauvignon. Flavors of dark chocolate, cherry, dried fruit, and toasted oak meld harmoniously in the middle of the palate. The aftertaste is luxurious and lengthy.


Domaine Du Vieux College produces wines of the highest quality and also gives great recognition to local vineyards. Marsannay Les Recilles is a beautiful Pinot Noir from this experienced winemaker with a deep flavor profile.


Many times, the people who make MAAL heard that it's impossible to make great wines without traditional oak barrels. This made them look for other ways to use oak's good qualities in the wine.  This is how they started trying out French oak staves instead of traditional barrels in the cement vats. The cube on the label shows that the impossible is just an illusion and that we want to make a great wine with just these oak staves.


Les Cadrans de Lassègue's 2016 vintage has vibrant, dark hues. There are notes of smooth Merlot character on the nose, including black cherry, cranberry, spice, and violet. The wine is polished and lively on the palate, with a rich, rounded texture complemented by a hint of wood that has been expertly merged with the wine's fine-grained tannins. The complete harmony of the Cabernet Franc is reflected in the bright acidity of the wine's finish.


This lavish wine displays notes of cedar and leather, along with those of redcurrant and black cherry. Plum, fig, and chocolate-covered blueberry flavors give a decadent, fruit-focused foundation.

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