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5 Italian Red Wines You Can Order In Los Angeles

5 Italian Red Wines You Can Order In Los Angeles

Simply siping Italian red wines is the greatest way to learn about them. For every occasion, Italy has the ideal red wine. Many of Italy's best red wines are labeled with the wine appellation's name, which is frequently combined with the grape variety like in other high-rated red wines you can order from Juicefly

If you want to learn about wine ratings and what are wine scores, you can check them out on our blog page.

If you've ever been completely confused while perusing Italian wines, knowing a few examples will help you stay focused on your online shopping trip and ensure that you always have the correct red wine on hand. 

Here are some of the most popular Italian red wines from our wine delivery menu:

ARCANUM IL FAUNO DI ARCANUM italian wine delivery in los angeles


Sunshine and warm temperatures allowed the fruits that went into this wine to grow on the vine for a long time, resulting in luscious Merlot and peppery Cabernet Franc flavors. The nose reflects the vintage's colder period, with notes of cypress, mushrooms, and forest floor, as well as nutmeg and cinnamon spices. Flavors are rich and robust on the palate, with ripe black cherry and plum dominating. Soft, smooth tannins and bright acidity balance the taste. An exhilarating finish with a note of citrus, dark chocolate, and tobacco polishes the aftertaste.  

RIVETTO BARBARESCO CE VANIN italian wine delivery in los angeles


This lovely red wine has intense aromas of juicy cherry with rich notes of minerals, tea leaves, and rose petals. Tannins are harsh and mature, with fresh acidity and around and feminine structure. This Barbaresco has a lot of delicacies to offer. It truly demonstrates good balance, and a lengthy, lingering aftertaste. 

LE MACCHIOLE PALEO ROSSO red wine delivery in los angeles


Aromas of black currant, Mediterranean scrub, blue flower, and camphor pervade this wine. Supple tannins and crisp acidity join cassis, black raspberry, crushed herb, and licorice on the palate before a cedar finish. It's silky, luminous, and delectable. It brilliantly captures the pastoral tones of green olive and herbs. There are overtones of damp earth and spice in this blend. With well-integrated tannins, the freshness is absolutely spectacular. You'll truly realize the depth and richness of this wine when you hit the licorice tones.

TIGNANELLO wine delivery in los angeles

TIGNANELLO Wine Delivery in LA

The color of the Tignanello is a deep ruby red. On the nose, rich fruit notes mingle beautifully with blackberries and wild berries; delicate and wonderfully balanced with touches of vanilla, chocolate, and spices. The wine has a rich, vivid palate with delicate, smooth tannins that give it great complexity, delicacy, and balance, as well as a long, persistent finish. The wine is made up of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc.

VALORI MONTEPULCIANO D' ABRUZZO 2017 wine delivery in los angeles


This is an organic and sustainably produced Montepulciano from Abruzzo's northeast. Elderflower, blueberry, a hint of orange peel, and some spices combine to create an appealingly fresh and delicate scent character. With intense orange and red-fruit jam, round tannins, and a hint of honey, the palate reveals well-developed signs of age.

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