12 Best California Red Wines of 2022 And Their Perfect Pairings

12 Best California Red Wines of 2022 And Their Perfect Pairings

California is legendary for providing premium local wines as they have gained their popularity due to their exquisite flavor. They tend to have very intense fruity flavors and aromas as a lot of care is taken to ensure high quality results. We are going to explore the best California red wines the Golden State has to offer, along with their perfectly paired meals. Californians can take pride in their home state as they browse this collection of the top California red wines we are enjoying in 2022. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can have some of these wines delivered to your door in 45 minutes or less!

1. Angels Ink Pinot Noir 2018

Angels Ink Pinot Noir 2018

Collected from leading vineyards across the Central Coast of California, Angels Ink Pinot Noir is known for its rich, round, and supple texture. With a lovely dominance of fruit and an overtone of oak, the wine charms the palate with a splash of berry and a vanilla quench that envelopes its character. This wine makes a lovely pairing with roast duck, honey garlic salmon, or light cheeses. 

2. Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon is a Napa Valley bred, highly rated wine. One of California’s best wines, it’s enchanting color is a lovely deep ruby red with a purple rim that offers an exquisite scent. Its intriguing layered flavors consist of plum, dark chocolate, black cherry, loganberry, olallieberry, blackberry, and boysenberry. This luscious wine is round, supple, and perfectly balanced awaiting an accompanied meal of a premium filet mignon.

3. Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel 2018

We must not forget to add our favorite bold Zin with a 91 Wine & Spirits rating. Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel holds a rich bouquet of cedar, spice, and sun-ripened blackberries. It’s blueberries, plum, and currants are both passionate and pure. Cradling a light dusting of tannins for structure and a long finish, this wine gently floats a refreshingly juicy acidity that makes a lovely pairing with red sauces, pizza, and barbeque.


4. Coquelicot Mon Petit Chou 2017

Coquelicot Mon Petit Chou 2017
Hailing from Ynez Valley,  Coquelicot Mon Petit Chou has an organic aroma of black plum, iodine, teriyaki, leather, and charred wood that would make a wonderful pairing with grilled chicken. It’s layered chocolate and dark fruit forward flavors envelope the palate yet still has a light drinkable taste. A California red blend with a dominance of Cabernet Franc, its tannins greet the sip, open toward blackberry and dark-raspberry flavors, with herbs lightly dusted in the finish.

5. Birichino Besson Vineyard Old Vines Grenache 2018

Birichino Besson Vineyard Old Vines Grenache 2018

This Grenache gets its notability due to its eccentricity and uniqueness making it like no other Grenache in the world. It has a low alcohol content but is subsidized with a fine elegance. Fresh aromas of strawberry and raspberry as well as minty sage, dried oranges, and hints of lavender liven the palate. It’s fruity bouquet and red fruit dominance makes a lovely pairing with braised beef. 

6. Cambria Pinot Noir 2015


Cambria Pinot Noir 2015
If you are looking for another fruit-forward favorite with toasted undertones, check out this next one. Rated 94 by Wine & Spirits, Cambria Pinot Noir hails from the Santa Maria Valley. The flavors are a lovely balance of deep and dark, with hints of black pepper, blackberries, and plum. With flavors of sugary black cherry, sweet strawberry jam, smoky oak, you’ll enjoy this brisk texture with smoked pork. 

7. The Opus One 2017

The Opus One 2017

Also curated in Napa Valley, The Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon offers a melodic aroma of rich dark fruit, lovely earth, and rose stems. One of California’s best red wines, this premium wine serves a round, silky elegance with a complimentary acidic taste paired with its satin texture. Its tantalizing flavor flirts your palate with black cassis, black cherry, and a whisper of cocoa powder. The plush and finely grained tannins mature into a long and supple finish making a lovely pairing with aisian dishes, fish entrees, as well as classic meats.


8. Blackstone Merlot 2018

Blackstone Merlot 2018
Due to its fresh, ripe fruity flavors, Blackstone Merlot has become one of Juicefly’s most requested California wines. With Acampo roots, Blackstone Merlot combines a wonderful balance of ripe black cherry, plum jam, dark chocolate, and raspberry, with whispers of smoky oak and vanilla. Pair this Merlot with grilled steaks, baked salmon, and hearty lasagna for an elegant pairing.

9. Carmel Road Pinot Noir 

Carmel Road Pinot Noir

One of Juicefly’s best sellers, this highly rated (91 by Wine & Spirits) wine makes a lovely pairing with grilled lamb or pork tenderloin. The Monterey Carmel Road Pinot Noir has a lively cherry scent layered with hints of strawberries and black tea. With fruit-forward black cherry flavors and notes of vanilla cola, smoky oak and well balanced tannins, this silky texture will lead you to a lasting finish.

10. Austin Hope Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Austin Hope Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Stemming from Paso Robles, the classic ruby color gloriously represents this robust Austin Hope Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. Rated an impressive score of 95 by Wine & Spirits, this wine is full bodied and smooth. It is fruit forward with undertones of an enjoyable rich smoke. Savor the tobacco, dark chocolate, and fresh black currant notes with a fillet to complement your meal.

11. Apothic Red 2018

Apothic Red 2018
With a respectable rating of 88 from Wine & Spirits, this Modesto born blend of rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, zesty Syrah, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon is sure to quench your thirst. Juicefly customers adore the flavors of dark red fruit with hints of vanilla and mocha in this Apothic Red. It will be most enjoyed in a summer barbeque or an Italian red sauce pasta dish.

12. Frei Brothers Merlot 2017

Frei Brothers Merlot 2017

If you plan on having beef, lamb, or veal, be sure to think of Frei Brothers Merlot for your ideal pairing. Hailing from Healdsburg, this Dry Creek Valley Merlot reminds us of red licorice and blackberry. There are undertones of smoky oak and caffè mocha that are sure to melt your palate.

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