Why Do We Love September? Because It Is Bourbon Heritage Month
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Why Do We Love September? Because It Is Bourbon Heritage Month

Why Do We Love September? Because It Is Bourbon Heritage Month

The month of September is designated as National Bourbon Heritage Month, a time to honor America's "Native Spirit," bourbon. Bourbon is genuinely an all-American drink because it has cultural, economic, and social roots in the United States.

How it All Started

American whiskey has played a significant role in the economic growth and cultural molding of the United States over its 400-year existence. George Thorpe, an English colonist in Virginia, filtered the very first batch of maize whiskey. George Washington, the founding father of our great nation, followed this heritage by operating the greatest whiskey distillery in Virginia during the nation's early years.

According to popular belief, Elijah Craig is the Father of Bourbon. Craig created bourbon in 1789 by aging the existing maize whiskey, or moonshine, in wood barrels. As popular as this story is, many say that bourbon did not originate from a single individual, but rather developed through time.

A 1964 act of Congress recognized bourbon as a uniquely American product, despite the fact that America's distilling history dates back to before the nation's founding. According to federal law, bourbon must be made in the United States, contain at least 51 percent maize, and age for at least two years in newly charred oak barrels.

In 2007, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution designating September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. Every year, bourbon fans gather together to celebrate the industry's history, craftsmanship, and accomplishments.

Enjoy The Month With Juicefly’s Bourbon Delivery in Los Angeles

You can find the best bourbons on the Juicefly menu throughout Bourbon Heritage Month and every month with other things you can order like cigarettes and vapes. Here are our recommendations for September.


Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged in port wine barrels and is a multiple-award winner. Our bourbon is conditioned under our watchful eye, and we combine it by hand in tiny amounts. Charring fresh white oak barrels is a common way to speed up the aging process, which can last up to six years.


Over 150 years ago, Augustus Bulleit created the whiskey that would become the basis for Bulleit Bourbon. Bulleit Bourbon is known for its powerful, spicy flavor and unusually clean, silky finish, both of which may be attributed to the high percentage of rye used in its production. It has a medium amber hue and a little spicy and sweet oak fragrance.


For the European and Japanese markets, Four Roses produced this Yellow Label bottling, which features whiskeys aged between five and six years.  Creamy, sugary scents greet the nose. Seville orange marmalade with lemon zest notes. A corny sweetness with caramel undertones can easily be detected. Flavor can be described with acacia honey and marmalade providing a smooth introduction to the taste. It delivers an oaky and spicy finish.


To create Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, they combined the world-famous Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with a special honey liqueur. The result is a flavor that is both distinctive and undeniably Jack. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is exceptional, because of its honey-like flavor and naturally smooth finish.


Jim Beam's distinctive medium body and caramel color are two of the reasons why it's so popular. Complex flavors of wood, vanilla, and spice come together well. Try Jim Beam neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

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