National Bourbon Day - 14th June 2022

National Bourbon Day - 14th June 2022

National Bourbon Day is celebrated on June 14th to honor the Official Spirit of America.

To earn its designation, Bourbon, like Scotch, Cognac, and other spirits, must meet certain criteria and be manufactured in a specific geographical region. Bourbon is a type of whiskey that can only be referred to as such if it is produced in the United States. Distillers must meet specified conditions in order to name their whiskey "Bourbon”.

When did we start making bourbon in the U.S.?

According to legend, the date of National Bourbon Day commemorates the first time this famous drink was distilled, which occurred in the late 1700s. It could just be a tale, but whatever the case may be, National Bourbon Day is a day worth commemorating.

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey manufactured from a mash that is predominantly made up of corn–at least 51 percent of the mash must be corn for it to be recognized as bourbon. Malted barley, rye, or wheat are common additions to the mash.

Bourbon was unmistakably born in the United States state of Kentucky in the 1700s, long before it was given its formal name. The name appears to be a homage to the French Bourbon Dynasty, and it may have been named after Bourbon County in Kentucky, which was noted for its corn production.

Some people believe that bourbon must be made in Kentucky, however, this is not the case. To be accorded the unique appellation "Kentucky Bourbon," it must just be distilled and matured in the state.

Despite this, the majority of bourbon is still produced in Kentucky, and locals would argue that it is the best bourbon in the world. Some Kentuckians even argue that the limestone in the spring water from the region gives this bourbon a distinct flavor.

The popularity of bourbon whiskey led to an increase in tourism in Kentucky. Some companies planned to cut the alcohol content of their products to keep up with demand, but customer outrage led them to rethink their decision. To meet demand in the United States, several corporations have reduced their supplies overseas. That means Kentucky is likely still the best spot to get bourbon!

While all bourbons are considered whiskey, not all whiskeys are considered bourbon. And National Bourbon Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this delectable beverage while also enjoying a glass.

Try Some New Bourbon Cocktail Recipes For Bourbon Day

Trying out some classic or new Bourbon cocktail recipes like Bourbon Milk Punch with family and friends is a terrific way to celebrate the day. If you are missing a bourbon at your home, you know you can find the best bourbon brands as well as whiskeys delivery options on Juicefly’s menu. Here are some of the best bourbons you can order in Los Angeles.


Augustus Bulleit's pioneering whiskey from over 150 years ago is the inspiration for Bulleit Bourbon. Due to its high rye content, Bulleit Bourbon has a robust, peppery flavor with a very clean and velvety finish. Medium amber in color, with a little spiciness and lovely oak aroma.


The master Distillers use the famed Wild Turkey high-rye mash bill before aging it in the deepest level #4 "alligator" char American oak barrels to impart extra flavor and to give it that Wild Turkey characteristic kick. Wild Turkey works well on its own or in cocktails like the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned. It can stand up to any mixer or in any cocktail thanks to its powerful, in-your-face flavor that is definitely Wild Turkey. There is less water added because it is distilled at a lower proof, producing a richer, more robust bourbon flavor.


A fragrant whiskey made from a sophisticated blend of straight bourbon whiskeys aged 2 to 13 years helps to preserve the flavor of the West. On the nose of High West, there's light caramel and sweet vanilla. It's thick and earthy on the palate, with well-balanced notes of candy corn, honey nougat, and sweet cornmeal biscuits. The flavor is vanilla with a hint of caramel apple. It's fantastic in cocktails, but it's also interesting enough to drink on its own.

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