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World Sake Day Is Here, Kampai!

World Sake Day Is Here, Kampai!

Every year on October 1st, Sake enthusiasts celebrate World Sake Day to honor sake and its contributions to Japanese culture, ranging from rituals to festivity events. The purpose of the day is also to deepen people's love and knowledge of sake. It makes no difference whether you reside in or outside of Japan; the day is for all sake enthusiasts worldwide. World Sake Day commemorates the start of the yearly rice harvest, which is when sake manufacturing in Japan begins.


Origin of This Special Day

World Sake Day or “Nihonshu no Hi”, began in 1978 when the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (J.S.S.) recognized October 1 as a day of sake celebration. The day also honors those involved in sake production, like rice growers and brewery workers. The brewery employees are enthusiastic and devoted individuals who work long hours to ensure that the sake they make will delight consumers. Sake enthusiasts meet on Sake Day to celebrate the brewers by drinking sake.


There are two reasons why October 1 is the date for World Sake Day. According to the J.S.S., until 1965 (Showa 40), the brewery year began on October 1 and ended on the last day of June the following year; today, the brewery year begins on July 1 and ends on the last day of June the following year. Another explanation is the kanji for sake, which is made up of two pieces.


World Sake Day was formerly a minor occasion for those in the sake business. It is now celebrated by sake enthusiasts all around the world, while the majority of festivities take place in Japan. The Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center is a great spot for this Japanese alcoholic drink lovers to meet and celebrate the day. Visitors may learn more about the many sorts of Japanese drinks available there. Furthermore, there is a virtual sake event called Kampai with Sake Week that connects sake fans all over the world. So, wherever you are, raise a glass in honor of World Sake Day.


World Sake Day Picks of Juicefly

We have great drink options to enhance your World Sake Day celebrations with other popular products like vapes and tobacco products. Here are the top picks of Juicefly for this special day.


If you prefer something else for World Sake Day, this beautiful white is a good alternative to consider. The palate of Domaine de Lermitage is balanced and fresh. Lemony notes mixed with exotic fruits like mango and passion fruit characterize the flavor profile. A fresh and coated finish completes the experience.



The materials, brewing method, maturing process, and bottling procedure of Hakutsuru Organic Junmai sake are all USDA Certified Organic. With notes of fragrant citrus and powerful aromas, this wine is light, energetic, and sharp. Serve cold or slightly heated.


Okunomatsu's Tokubetsu Junmai, their house specialty, blends the robust, definite flavors of Junmai sake with the refined, aromatic finesse of the more elevated Ginjo type. This is a great all-around sake that pairs well with a wide variety of dishes and is a good choice for World Sake Day.



Lucky Cup is lighter than conventional sake, with an ABV of 15 to 16%, since it is crafted by one of the best sake brewers in Japan utilizing a blend of traditional and modern methods. Even if you don't like the taste of alcohol, you could find that you appreciate a Lucky Cup thanks to its smoother body and superior flavor.


Kurosawa Nigori Sake is an opaque straw tint. It's not hard to pick up on the hints of granny smith apple, nectarine, sliced banana, pound cake, marinated mushrooms, and graham crackers. The aloe, cucumber cordial, and horchata finish is refreshing and lingers on the palate for a pleasant medium length. An enjoyable sake with a balanced, fruity flavor profile.


Our last recommendation for Word Sake day is Kigen Cup Sake. It has a light, refreshing texture and a delicious fruity flavor profile. Kigen Cup is a lovely sake for casual drinking as well as celebrating World Sake day.

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