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National Grand Marnier Day

National Grand Marnier Day

The 14th of July is National Grand Marnier Day, honoring the liqueur that gives cocktails and sweets citrus overtones. We have been reaping the benefits of Grand Marnier's superb flavor since the 1880s.

What is Grand Marnier?

A French liqueur company is called Grand Marnier. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, an orange-flavored liqueur developed in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, is the brand's most well-known item. It is produced with sugar, Cognac brandy, and the distilled bitter orange essence, and contains 40% alcohol. In addition to being used in sweets and mixed cocktails, it is frequently taken "neat" as a cordial or digestif.

History of National Grand Marnier Day

Grand Marnier is produced exclusively using the finest Cognac, namely Ugni Blanc grapes from the Cognac area of France. To extract the finest fragrances and excellent flavor profile, the grapes are twice distilled in copper stills. Since Grand Marnier was first produced in 1880, the same Cognac has been used as the source. Since their debut, they have continued to release new ground-breaking alcoholic beverages, such as Cordon Jaune, which is prepared with neutral grain spirit rather than Cognac, and Cuvee du Centenaire, a limited edition made using 25-year-old Cognacs.

Why do people drink Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier gives every cocktail a more seductive flavor because of its complex, rich flavor and intrigue from the cognac. At 40% ABV, it's potent enough to be sipped from a snifter like a Cognac.

Enjoy a Grand Marnier with Juicefly

Your favorite liquor store Juicefly is happy to deliver alcohol to Los Angeles. Along with Grand Marnier, you can find all the spirits you like as well as vapes. Here are some of the bottles you can order now to enjoy Grand Marnier Day.


Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is a premium blend of cognacs with wild tropical oranges from the Caribbean that was created in 1880 by founder Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. The unorthodox idea of Louis-Alexandre to combine the flavor of wild tropical oranges with French cognac was the very first invention in spirits at the time. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is a flexible spirit that tastes amazing in cocktails and can be sipped neat or on the rocks.


The clear orange liqueur Cointreau is a need for any home bar. More than 350 of the most well-known cocktails in the world, such as The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan, and The Sidecar, are built around it. This 80-proof, full-strength spirit can be mixed with any other type of liqueur to create a more sophisticated drink. Cointreau has a flavor that is expertly balanced and is adored by mixologists and bartenders all over the world. It is distilled from a mixture of organic sweet and bitter orange peels.


A combination of multiple crus aged between three and seven years, Courvoisier VS Cognac is mostly made of Fins Bois with a touch of Petite Champagne for balance. Younger and older cognacs are blended to create Courvoisier VS, which has a delicious, delicate flavor with the smell of ripe fruit and spring flowers. Rich, crisp, and oaky with the vigor of a young cognac, the scent is well-balanced.


Since 1795, Hennessy has produced the best cognacs, and Hennessy Very Special is an example of the skill of the Tasting Committee. To begin, they choose the most distinctive aux-de-vie, which are then painstakingly aged for many years in oak casks before being blended to reveal their warm, full-bodied flavor.

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