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Dog-Friendly Bar & Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dog-Friendly Bar & Restaurants in Los Angeles

As a dog parent, it is easy to order alcohol from Juicefly to your address, kick back, and not worry about what your dog is doing at the moment. But sometimes you want to go out to drink with your friends and find yourself thinking “Where can I eat and drink with my dog?” Well, today is your lucky day because we set up a list of dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Los Angeles. Make sure to check it out before you go out with your sweet furry companion.

Angel City Brewery

Angel City Brewery may not have the greatest beer in town, but it does have the nicest location. Its enormous taproom and associated brewery in the heart of the Arts District is fantastic, with loads of communal tables, corn hole, and a front terrace where a delicious food truck is always present. Angel City's hours are late into the night, but it's also a terrific location to drink throughout the day. Just get there early; the weekend lineups are notoriously long.

Address: 216 S Alameda St Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Rose

You have the luxury of having your dog cuddled up in your lap all day. However, every now and then, it's nice to mix up the scenery and go to The Rose. The large indoor/outdoor restaurant in Venice offers several patios where you can sit with your laptop and a bottle of wine while your dog chills with you without any problem.

Address: 220 Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291


MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

MacLeod is a Van Nuys-based English-style microbrewery, which means its beers are brewed in-cask and served with little to no carbonation straight from the barrel. While that may not be to everyone's taste, the good news is that they offer a pleasant, dog-friendly taproom with board games, live music, and delicious in-house pizza. That is unquestionably a nice time for everyone.

Address: 14741 Calvert St Van Nuys, CA 91411

FrogTown Brewery

The small taproom at Frogtown Brewery makes you feel like you're drinking in a friend's garage, only with better beer. Its IPA is a great daytime beer with only 4.5 percent alcohol, and it's a great drink before walking the dog down the LA River bike path for the afternoon.

Address: 2931 Gilroy St Los Angeles, CA 90039


Idle Hour Bar

Idle Hour's enormous refurbishment transformed it into one of LA's most memorable places to get a drink a few years ago, but the charm hasn't worn off one bit. The cocktails are nice, the beer list is satisfying, and their Southern-inspired brunch menu is considerably better than it has to be if you grow hungry. On the terrace, there's also a two-story bulldog, which you'll undoubtedly pose with your dog in front of.

Address: 4824 Vineland Ave North Hollywood, CA 91601


Salazar's cuisine isn't quite as delicious as it was when it initially debuted 5 years ago but dogs don't seem to mind. Plus, no one can argue that the Frogtown location of this Mexican restaurant's outside patio is still a terrific place to hang out and sip cocktails all day and night. You never have to worry about bringing your best friend to this place because the entire place is one enormous terrace. You may sip your well-made mezcal cocktail as he soaks in all the residual local attention.

Address: 2490 Fletcher Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90039


Three Weavers Brewery

Three Weavers is a fantastic artisan brewery in Inglewood and one of the few in town that welcomes dogs inside if they're on a leash. The tasting room contains large picnic tables where you can bring your own food, play some board games, and try to sample as many of the limited-release taps as possible before your Scrabble abilities diminish.

Address: 1031 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90301

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Highland Park Brewery Chinatown

For a long time, Highland Park Brewery has been one of LA's most popular craft breweries, but their Chinatown location is twice the size of the original, with plenty of tables for large groups, a dedicated tasting room, and a large front patio where you and your doggie can spend an afternoon talking about the fruit notes of an IPA. After that, take a walk across the street to the LA State Historic Park, where your dog can play another thrilling game of chasing the ball.

Address: 1220 N Spring St Los Angeles, CA 90012 

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