Cognac Day - 4th June 2022 | Cognac Delivery in Los Angeles
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Cognac Day - 4th June 2022 | Cognac Delivery in Los Angeles

Cognac Day - 4th June 2022 | Cognac Delivery in Los Angeles

Juicefly is dedicated to becoming the best Cognac delivery in Los Angeles. The bottles you want can be ordered and delivered in less than 60 minutes! We also offer scheduled liquor delivery, allowing you to choose the time of delivery. Our Los Angeles alcohol delivery service is available seven days a week. Look through our large range of hard liquor, which includes Cognac from well-known brands. You can also order tobacco products to accompany your cognac.

On June 4, National Cognac Day, you are invited to relax and enjoy one of the finest alcoholic beverages. Cognac is a sort of brandy that many people appreciate because of its distilled and excellent taste. It comes from the same-named town in France. The drink conjures us images of an opulent setting where conversations are peppered with smart and intellectual themes.

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How is Cognac made?

Although it has been described as "nearly undrinkable," the white wine used to make cognac is exceedingly dry, acidic, and thin, making it ideal for distillation and maturing. It can only be prepared from a limited number of grape types. To be designated a real cru, the wine must include at least 90% Ugni blanc, Folle blanche, and Colombard, with up to 10% Folignan, Jurançon blanc, Meslier St-François, Sélect, Montils, or Sémillon. Cognacs without a cru designation are allowed to use more grape varieties, including at least 90% Colombard, Folle blanche, Jurançon blanc, Meslier Saint-François, Montils, Sémillon, or Ugni blanc, and up to 10% Folignan or Sélect.The juice is left to ferment for 2–3 weeks after the grapes have been pressed, with the region's native, wild yeasts converting the fruit sugars to alcohol; no sugar or sulfur may be added.

After distillation, it must be matured for at least two years in Limousin oak casks before being sold to the general public. It's usually poured into casks with a 70 percent alcohol by volume strength. Cognac evaporates at a rate of roughly 3% each year when it interacts with the wood barrel and the air, progressively losing both alcohol and water, the former more quickly since it is more volatile. La portion des Anges, or "the angels' share," is how the locals refer to this phenomenon. When a cognac spends more than ten years in an oak barrel, the alcohol concentration drops to 40% by volume. After that, the cognac is transferred to huge glass bottles known as “bonbonnes” where it is preserved for future blending.


What is the difference between cognac and brandy?

Cognac, like everything else great, has precise standards that must be satisfied in order for a brandy to be acknowledged as cognac in the first place. An authentic cognac, for example, must always come from the grapes of France's six approved areas.

How to celebrate Cognac Day

The best way to celebrate this day is by enjoying a good glass of cognac or making a cognac cocktail. Try these 2 bottles for sipping it solo or adding in a cocktail.

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D'USSÉ VSOP Cognac is a powerful, full-bodied mix that arouses the palate after being aged for at least four and a half years in the cellars of France's Château de Cognac. It has a robust bouquet on the nose, with woody notes blended with traces of cinnamon and floral notes. With each bite, you'll detect notes of spices, almonds, and cinnamon, which are distinctively and unexpectedly smooth. Honey and dried fruits provide subtle nuances to round out the flavor character.


HENNESSY VSOP COGNAC Delivery in Los Angeles

Hennessy Cognac has a vivid reddish-golden color. Color is frequently added to younger expressions of cognac to darken the color. It's easy to see why in this case, because it looks stunning in the glass. With strong notes of apples and honey, cinnamon, and clove on the nose, it's rich, sweet, and autumnal. A touch of dry oak helps to bring everything together. Plum, juicy fruits and melon are muted on the palate, followed by rich dark chocolate, caramel, and wood. On the palate, it's richer than on the nose, with the fruit playing a supporting role, but the overall sensation is of a slightly overpowering sweetness. It's perfect for every occasion, whether served straight up, as a long drink, or in a more creative cocktail.

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