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Alcohol As Medicine Throughout The History

Alcohol As Medicine Throughout The History

Alcohol was once utilized for medical purposes, although it is primarily used today for its recreational benefits. Contrary to popular assumption, alcohol isn't solely used to make people hungover.

Even today, people drink alcohol for purposes other than getting wasted. It is frequently employed in spiritual and religious practices like transubstantiation, which uses pure grape wine. Wine is thought to turn into the blood of Jesus Christ during this Christian ritual, also known as communion.

Some Buddhist monks advocate mindful drinking, which relaxes the mind and lets inhibitions flow freely rather than stifle them. Alcohol is used in a variety of ways by many cultures all over the world. While some of these rituals are utilized purely for entertainment, others have spiritual significance. More of these traditions are practiced to enhance health. Although you might not consider alcohol to be healthy, it can occasionally be utilized as medicine.

What types of beverages were therefore utilized medicinally? We covered the history of alcohol as medicine in this blog post. Keep reading to see how civilizations used alcohol as medicine.

China Was Much Ahead Of Its Time Back Then

Northern China is where alcohol was originally used medicinally during 7000–6000 BCE. Clay casks from this era are the oldest known example of alcohol manufacture. These barrels held rice wine that had grape and honey flavors. Depending on the patient's sex, age, and condition, it was thought to have a variety of health benefits. There are still many herbal treatments available in China that contain alcohol. These medications are typically believed to warm and energize your blood. Even consuming alcohol is advised in some Chinese medical books as a cure for specific ailments. They also go through its negative effects and abuse potential.

Pharaohs Loved Beer

The next-oldest mention of alcohol being used as medicine comes from Pharaonic, Egypt, and dates to 3400 BCE. Nekhen, also known as Hierakonpolis, is thought to have been the site of the first brewery. Ancient Egyptians considered brewing, especially the brewing of beer, to be an art. Because they cherished beer so much, the ancient Egyptians regarded it as a "necessity of existence."

This love of alcohol was brought on by certain cultural and religious beliefs. The god of wine in ancient Egypt was Osiris, who was also the god of life and death. These people's history and culture both included alcohol. Alcohol was seen as a remedy by the ancient Egyptians as well. For example, many Egyptians in this period believed alcohol to be a rejuvenating remedy.

Ancient Greece Favored Wine

Even at present, wine is renowned for its many health advantages, including a reduced risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular illness. The ancient Greeks utilized wine as medicine before it was widely studied. This beverage was employed as a treatment for both the body and the mind in Classical Greece. Doctors frequently recommended it to both men and women. Everything from cancer to wounds to foul breath was treated with wine. A wine's effectiveness was influenced by its age, color, provenance, flavor, consistency, and aroma. In addition to diseases that result in "an overpowering heaviness of the brain," the renowned physician Hippocrates said that wine is a suitable cure for several other conditions. Hippocrates wrote a great deal about the advantages and disadvantages of alcohol drinking throughout his lifetime.

England and The Gin Craze

Moving forward a couple of centuries, gin became popular in England in the 18th century. Gin quickly gained popularity as a result of the introduction of distilled juniper water by Holland's King William of Orange. Gin was utilized during this time to cure stomach aches, gout, and gallstones, as well as to maintain the kidneys, liver, and heart in general. Dr. Robert Bentley Todd, an Irish physician, supported its validity as medicine. He said that gin aided the body's inherent healing mechanisms. Unfortunately, many people were unaware of the harmful effects of regular alcohol consumption. Gin's accessibility and cost in Britain contributed to a sharp rise in gin addiction among the general public.


As you can see, the use of alcohol as medicine dates back a very long time. Alcohol has been used for medicinal purposes almost everywhere in the world. Drinking alcohol has a long history of being beneficial for health, from ancient China to the Roman Empire. These medicinal innovations helped shape the alcohol industry into what we know and enjoy today, even though many of them are now considered to be antiquated.

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