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3 Gold Rum You Can Order In Los Angeles

3 Gold Rum You Can Order In Los Angeles

Juicefly is passionate about being the best rum delivery in Los Angeles. We provide on-demand alcohol delivery, which means that your order will arrive at your doorstep in an hour or less! We also offer scheduled alcohol delivery, allowing you to choose the most convenient date and hour for delivery. Juicefly's alcohol delivery service is as simple as it gets, and we're open seven days a week online. Our premium rums are available in a wide range of options. You can pay for your order either online or at delivery time.

Types of Rum

Rum is made in more than 80 nations utilizing various procedures, including numerous types of fermentation, multiple forms of distillation, a variety of mixing styles, and a variety of aging techniques. The majority of rums fall into one of a few distinct categories.

Clear Rum

White rum has a lighter body and gentler flavor than gold or dark rums. These light rums are frequently used to make drinks that don't require a strong rum flavor. Most white rums sold in the United States are 80 proof, or 40% alcohol by volume. They're usually aged for a year or more before being filtered to eliminate color. White rums may be less expensive to create and acquire than more mature rums.

Dark Rum

Many aged rums are labeled "dark" to distinguish them from "light" rums. Dark rum refers to a variety of rums that are not clear, ranging from light golden amber to black, as well as rums that have matured. Dark rums are frequently matured in wood barrels for long periods of time. When compared to white rums, overproof rums, flavored and spiced rums, robust rums offer a contrast of greater flavorful characteristics when utilized in cocktail recipes.

Black Rum

Black rums are the darkest, richest, and most full-bodied rums, with a robust tropical flavor to libations and recipes. Black rums are commonly used to balance the flavors of beverages that contain gold, white, or spiced rums. Molasses, a viscous, dark sweet liquid leftover from the manufacture of crystallized sugar, is used to make the majority of rum. The rich molasses and caramel flavors are retained in the black rums, which are occasionally tinted with burnt caramel to obtain constant-dark colors. Many usages in the baking and candy-making industries require black rums, which lend powerful sweet-spicy tastes to cakes, candies, desserts, and sauces.

Gold Rum

Over time, rum takes on amber or golden hues as it mellows in barrels. The flavor profile of these golden rums is usually more flavorful than that of white or clear rums. Gold rums are employed in drinks that call for a greater flavor.

Gold rums are often aged for several years or more, with some coloring added for consistency. The type of barrels used in the aging process may impart subtle flavors of vanilla, almond, citrus, caramel, or coconut.

What is gold rum good for?

In addition to being utilized in cocktail recipes, gold rums are often drunk on the rocks or neat. They're also used in baking and dessert preparations. When compared to older aged rums that have been left to develop for many years, medium-bodied rums are generally relatively economical.

Best Gold Rums

buy BACARDI GOLD in los angeles

BACARDI GOLD Delivery in Los Angeles

The Maestros de Ron Bacard produced Bacardi Gold. The aging in toasted oak barrels gives it its expertly created rich flavors and golden color. Smooth, creamy notes of buttery caramel, roasted almonds, and sweet bananas are wonderfully balanced with warm orange zest and a mild, oaky finish in Bacardi Gold.

buy BUMBU CRAFT RUM online

BUMBU CRAFT RUM Delivery in Los Angeles

Bumbu Rum is based on a formula developed by West Indian sailors in the 16th and 17th centuries, who mixed native Caribbean spices into their rum and named it "Bumbu" - the original craft drink. This rum is an authentic resurrection of this piece of Caribbean heritage, distilled in small batches and blended by hand, using the original all-natural native ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors.


BRUGAL EXTRA VIEJO Delivery in Los Angeles

This rum is just fantastic. Its refinement, aromatic attractiveness, and flavor may remind you of cognac rather than a premium rum, but it is one. It is matured for up to eight years in chosen American oak casks after going through our distillation process. And once you try it, you'll see why the Brugals are known for their blended rums. With deep, rich ambers, it's bright and clean. Wood, dried fruits, almonds, cocoa, vanilla, orange peel, caramel, and molasses compose a symphony of natural and exquisite notes. An exquisite flavor with traces of vanilla, caramel, and honey at first. It's followed by creamy cocoa and delicious spices. With a peppery finish, it lingers in the mouth.

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