World Cocktail Day | Alcohol Delivery In Los Angeles

World Cocktail Day | Alcohol Delivery In Los Angeles

World Cocktail Day May 13th

Drinking is one of the best methods for people to get together and bond over life. Cocktails offer a diverse range of fragrances and flavors to keep things interesting on a fun night out, and they have a long history of becoming a reliable fixture in people's life. So, let's get started and learn more about World Cocktail Day.

History of World Cocktail Day

The term "cocktail" was coined in 1806 by The Balance and Columbian Repository to describe a stimulating liquor made up of a combination of sweets, waters, and bitters. Originally, the Oxford English Dictionary defined the phrase as a horse with a tail like a cock's, but with the tail cocked up instead of hung down.

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The etymology of the word cocktail has sparked a lot of debate, although none of the possibilities have been proven. Tavern proprietors kept their alcohol in casks throughout the Colonial period. When the casks were nearly empty, the dregs, or tailings, were combined into a single barrel and sold at a discount. These concoctions were then poured from the faucet by the keepers. Customers looking for a cheaper alcoholic beverage might ask for "cock tailings." We're confident they'd balk at the cost of a modern Manhattan. Another famous narrative is that a mixed brandy cocktail was presented in a French eggcup by an apothecary named Peychaud (of Peychaud bitters renown). Peychaud eventually gave the drink the name coquetier, which is French for eggcup. Peychaud's friends reduced the word to "cocktay", and it eventually became "cocktail."

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Celebrate World Cocktail Day With Alcohol Delivery In Los Angeles

You may want to visit the best cocktail bars in Los Angeles for this special day but you can still have a great time at home with Juicefly. Juicefly is pleased to deliver ready-to-drink cocktails and alcohol in Los Angeles. We provide the fastest alcohol delivery, which means your order will arrive at your door in 60 minutes or less! You can also choose the most convenient date and hour for your delivery with the scheduled delivery option. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just browse our large selection of cocktails, whiskey, vodka, tequila, or other spirits, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout! You can pay either online or at the time of delivery.

You can make a cocktail inspired by Los Angeles or try other cocktail recipes at home for May 13th and order the ingredients from our menu.



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