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The Perfect Pisco Sour

The Perfect Pisco Sour

Best Pisco Sour Recipe

What is Pisco? Pisco is a brandy originating from Peru, and we can’t wait to help you make it your next favorite sour. This clear liquor is seen in other cocktails, however the Pisco Sour is where you see it’s true colors. Pisco has an earthy flavor with a floral aroma, making the sour addition a complimentary combination. 

Pisco Sour Ingredients

*Raw egg is known to pose a risk with food-borne illnesses.

How to Make a Pisco Sour

Step 1: Chill your cocktail glass for about 15 minutes before creating your Pisco Sour mix. 

Step 2: With no ice, add the servings of Pisco, lime, simple syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Shake for about 10 seconds until the egg white has a foamy texture. 

Step 3: Once your Pisco Sour mix is foamy, add ice and shake for 10-20 seconds until chilled. 

Step 4: Find your cocktail glass and strain, topping it off with 1-2 dashes of your bitters and enjoy!

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