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Sidecar Recipe | A Delicious Cognac Cocktail

Sidecar Recipe | A Delicious Cognac Cocktail

What is a Sidecar Drink? 

It’s beginnings stem from WWI, however both the English and French have tried to lay claim on its origins. It’s known as a sidecar because, like the sidecar on a motorcycle, the sidecar drink leaves a delicious mixture in the shaker when prepared. A sidecar is a tart, dry, and classic cognac. It’s delectable with orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and a sugared rim. If this quenches your thirst, let Juicefly deliver it to your Los Angeles door in 45 minutes or less.

Sidecar Ingredients

How to Make a Sidecar

Join the lemon juice and cognac into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds until chilled, and strain into your favorite glass. You are welcome to add a sugar rim to fill your sweet tooth and add a twisted orange zest to garnish.

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