Mint Julep Day - 30th May 2022 - Juicefly
Mint Julep Day - 30th May 2022

Mint Julep Day - 30th May 2022

Have you ever wished for a cool bourbon drink but struggled to come up with a good enough excuse? National Mint Julep Day, thankfully, is here to cater to your wish. The Mint Julep, which was created just for this occasion, is worth enjoying at any time of year, but especially on National Mint Julep Day!  

History of Mint Julep Day

The Mint Julep, a tasty and refreshing bourbon-based alcoholic cocktail, originated in the southern United States and is still considered its heartland. This is especially true in Kentucky, where over 120,000 of these delectable beverages are distributed each year at the Kentucky Derby horse event.

Premium versions of the drink are provided in gold-plated cups with silver straws at these high-end parties, at a cost of $1000. But, of course, it isn't necessary to spend that much money to have a good time. This uniquely American drink was originally written about in 1803 by John Davis, who noted that it was best eaten first thing in the morning. The word "julep" in the name indicates that it is a drink served over crushed ice. Cognac or peach brandy can be used to make other julep variations.

This drink's ingredients are straightforward: whiskey, mint leaf, sugar, and water. However, no two bartenders appear to prepare the drink exactly the same, which is all the more reason to try a couple before the day is done.

National Mint Julep Day is the perfect opportunity to learn about and enjoy this refreshing drink!

How to Celebrate National Mint Julep Day?

Drink a Mint Julep with a friend or relative, make one at home, or get one at a local bar to commemorate the occasion. Mint Juleps may be a lot of fun no matter how they're served.

Do you know how to make Mint Julep?

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Ingredients of Mint Julep

4 to 5 mint sprigs, leaves only

2 sugar cubes, or 1/2 ounce simple syrup

2 1/2 ounces bourbon whiskey

Mint sprig, for garnish


In a julep cup, collins glass, or double old-fashioned glass, combine the mint leaves and sugar or simple syrup.

Muddle thoroughly to dissolve the sugar and unleash the mint's oil and scent.

Pour in the bourbon.

Fill the glass halfway with crushed ice and swirl vigorously until the glass is icy.

Serve with a sprig of mint as a garnish. Enjoy your drink with a straw.

Best Bourbon for Mint Julep


Jim Beam is known for its caramel color and medium body. It has a complex blend of oak, vanilla, and spice tastes that work well together. Jim Beam is delicious on the rocks, with a splash of water, or in a cocktail.


Bulleit Bourbon is based on Augustus Bulleit's pioneering whiskey from over 150 years ago. Bulleit Bourbon boasts a strong, peppery flavor with a particularly clean and silky finish thanks to its high rye component. The hue is medium amber, with light spiciness and a pleasant oak smell.


The scents of spiced honey, sliced fruit, and citrus peel are all present in Maker's Mark. When you take a sip, you'll detect notes of barley malt, butterscotch, and vanilla bean, as well as rich caramel and spicy oak.

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