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Daiquiri Day - July 19th

Daiquiri Day - July 19th

Every year on July 19, people celebrate National Daiquiri Day by pouring themselves one of these rum cocktails. Did you know that it's likely that Cuban miners originated the daiquiri? Near 1898, at the height of the Spanish-American War, an engineer by the name of Jennings Cox oversaw a mine in the community of Daiquiri. Cox would meet with his coworkers at the neighborhood tavern following work. Cox once combined Bacardi, lime, sugar, and ice in an ice-filled tumbler. The beverage, which was named after the Daiquiri mines, quickly rose to fame in Havana.

History of National Daiquiri Day

One of the oldest known cocktails is the daiquiri, which may surprise some people. In 1898, an American engineer by the name of Jennings Stockton Cox devised a straightforward beverage known as a Daiquiri in the little mining town of Daiquiri near Santiago, Cuba.

To stay cool over the long, hot summer weeks, Cox came up with this recipe, which calls for a straightforward mixture of lime juice, sugar, and local Bacardi rum served over cracked ice. He quickly realized that during the hot months of arduous work, doing this was the finest method to raise the spirits of mine workers.

Cox's cocktail was so popular that in addition to a sizable salary from the business where he worked, he also received a gallon of Bacardi every month to keep making the refreshing beverage!

Then, according to the legend, the drink gained even more popularity when, in 1909, a US Navy officer sampled it and fell in love with it to the point where he brought the notion back to Washington, D.C., where it gained even more popularity.

When it was cooling down the miners, it probably didn't start with a small cocktail umbrella, but it deserves one today!

The middle of the scorching summer is the ideal time to savor and celebrate everything related to this cool alcoholic beverage on National Daiquiri Day.

Try Different Versions of Daiquiri to Celebrate Daiquiri DayHemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway daiquiri combines the traditional rum and lime daiquiri mixture with the somewhat sweet, dry cherry flavor of maraschino liqueur and sour grapefruit. Hemingway drank his daiquiri without sugar, but most people find the sweetness to be more enjoyable. You are allowed to use the optional simple syrup or not when mixing a Hemingway.

Mango Coconut Daiquiri

-Cut the mango lengthwise on both sides as close to the seed as you can. After that, trim away any remaining mango that is encircling the seed.

-Mango should be thinly sliced and placed in a basin. In addition to adding lime juice to the mango, sprinkle sugar over the fruit. To allow the sugar to extract as much juice as possible, let the fruit macerate for at least 30 minutes.

-Blend the sweetened mango, all of the juice, coconut rum, and a good amount of ice to produce the daiquiri. Until smooth, blend.

-Light and frothy coconut cream, heavy whipping cream, sugar, and coconut rum are combined to produce the topping.

-Add some fresh mango and a stunningly colored berry as a garnish.

Strawberry Daiquiri

-What you need to prepare a frozen strawberry daiquiri at home is listed below.

-Ice is necessary because frozen strawberry daiquiris are all about the slush.

-White sugar amplifies the sweetness of the strawberries, which already have a certain level of sweetness.

-Use frozen strawberries that you may get at the store. Use fresh or freeze your berries if you have an abundance of fresh ones.

-Lemon juice and lime juice are required.

-White rum is used to make traditional daiquiris.

-Choose a carbonated soda with lemon and lime, like Sprite.

If you need the ingredients to try the cocktails, You can order most of them from Juicefly and relax while your order is on its way. Our vast menu includes all kinds of alcohol as well as tobacco products. Here are some of the options to consider for Daiquiri Day.


The Maestros de Ron Bacardi are the people who invented Bacardi Gold. Its golden hue and rich, beautifully crafted flavors come from maturing in toasted oak barrels. A warm orange zest end and a mild, oaky aftertaste perfectly complement the smooth, rich tastes of buttery caramel, toasted almonds, and sweet bananas in Bacardi Gold.


The original Bumbu Rum recipe was developed by West Indian sailors in the 16th and 17th centuries. These sailors mixed local Caribbean ingredients into their rum and dubbed it "Bumbu", the first craft spirit. This rum, distilled in small batches and hand-blended, is a genuine recreation of this period of Caribbean history using the same all-natural native spices and devoid of artificial colors or tastes.


The Zacapa Centenario Solera Gran Reserva Rum has a light mahogany hue with butterscotch, vanilla, and sweet caramel aroma. On the palate, there are flavors of sweet honey, raisins, and apricots that are perfectly matched by notes of wood, coffee, leather, and smoke. A hint of caramel is there in the finish, which lingers just long enough.


Mahogany in color, 9North Spiced Rum boasts a medium-to-full body, a round, crisp, dry-yet-fruity finish, and a smooth, intriguing, medium-long sassafras finish. This spiced rum is incredibly flavorful and firm as a rock. Love is so simple.


The 15 Year's nose starts with soft, aromatic pear notes that transition into a raisin and strong brown sugar smells. Rich black currant jam and caramelized brûlée aromas develop before giving way to ginger snap and freshly cracked black pepper spice notes. On the smooth, protracted finish, butterscotch caramel lingers.

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