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Cocktail Recipes For National Cocktail Day | Juicefly Los Angeles Alcohol Delivery

Cocktail Recipes For National Cocktail Day | Juicefly Los Angeles Alcohol Delivery

March 24 National Cocktail Day 

National Cocktail Day is upon us, giving us another reason to drink. Let’s see what this day is about and what’s the best way to celebrate it.

History of National Cocktail Day

Holiday maker Jace Shoemaker-Galloway invented National Cocktail Day as a fun day to celebrate a pleasant drink. Cocktails were traditionally made using a combination of alcohol, sugar, water, and bitters, and some mixed drinks, such as the Old Fashioned cocktail, the Sazerac cocktail, and the Manhattan cocktail, still follow this tradition. Many people believe that cocktail culture began in the United States. While this is somewhat true, cocktails were influenced by 18th-century British punches. Punches were large bowls of liquor combined with fruit juice, spice, and other ingredients in the United Kingdom.

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What is the most popular cocktail in the U.S.?

The names on this list may surprise you but here are the top 5 most popular cocktails in the United States: 1. Margarita 2. Martini 3. Old Fashioned 4. Mimosa 5. Moscow Mule

Does the U.S. have a national cocktail?

Although the United States does not have a national cocktail, it does have a national spirit. In 1964, Congress declared Bourbon whiskey to be the United States' National Spirit.

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How to celebrate National Cocktail Day

You can make your drink from any of the hundreds of recipes available online on National Cocktail Day. Even better, you may put your imagination to the test by creating your own cocktail recipe. Get together a group of your closest friends and organize the most extravagant cocktail party you've ever seen. Cocktail parties are well-known for bringing people together to have a good time.

Not to mention, we owe the best cocktails we have to some of the talented bartenders so if you going out for the day let them know you appreciate their work.

Cocktail recipes for National Cocktail Day (or any day of celebration!)

Try making these delicious cocktails if you want to be the bartender for yourself and your crowd. You can order the ingredients from Juicefly or you can skip making them and order ready-to-drink cocktails. Juicefly offers instant liquor delivery, which means we'll deliver your order to your door in 60 minutes or less! We also provide scheduled liquor delivery, which allows you to pick a date and time for it. We are available seven days a week. Simply explore our extensive selection of beer, wine, and spirits. You have the option of paying online or at the time of delivery.

 vesper recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles

See Vesper Recipe and order Vesper’s ingredients from Juicefly with ease.

RUM PUNCH RECIPE and alcohol delivery in los angeles
Check out Rum Punch Recipe, you can find all the ingredients in our menu.

APEROL SPRITZ APÉRITIF recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles
Here is the Aperol Spirtiz Aperitif Recipe and for the liquours and ingredients, browse our wast menu.

vodka martini recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles

Everything you need to know about the Vodka Martini Recipe is here, you can quickly order the ingredients from Juicefly.

PIÑA COLADA A REFRESHING RECIPE and alcohol delivery in los angeles
See Pina Colada Recipe and order Vesper’s ingredients with the convenience of Juicefly.


Here is the Gin Fizz Recipe. Browse our wast menu. for the required liquours and ingredients.

To learn how to do Paloma cocktail, click Paloma Recipe and go to our item menu for the ingredients.

cognac cocktail and alcohol delivery in los angeles

Do you want to make Cognac Cocktail? Check the Cognac Cocktail Recipe. As far as the ingredients you can find all of them in our shop.

FRENCH 75 recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles
Learn how to make French 75 from this French 75 Recipe and get the ingredients in a very short time from Juicefly.

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BRANDY ALEXANDER recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles

Look at the Brandy Alexander Recipe. All of the ingredients and liquors can be found in the Juicefly item menu.

 TEQUILA SUNRISE recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles

Let the sunrise where you are with this Tequila Sunrise Recipe. You can order the things you need for the recipe from Juicefly.

NEGRONI RECIPE and alcohol delivery in los angeles
This Classic Negroni Recipe never fails and Juicefly never fails to deliver the ingredients.

MANHATTAN COCKTAIL recipe and alcohol delivery in los angeles
Feel like you are there with this Manhattan Cocktail Recipe. You know where to look for the ingredients and required liquors. 

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