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A Memorable Mai Tai Mix

A Memorable Mai Tai Mix

A classic mai tai is calling your name. Did you know you can mix up your own Hawaiian cocktail within the hour without leaving your home? Juicefly will deliver all your ingredients 45 minutes after checkout. Cocktails don’t have to be hard, so let’s give this memorable mai tai recipe a try.

At Juicefly, we like to make cocktails easy. Our Mai Tai comes ready to drink. This easy Mai Tai recipe is so simple, it will be forever embedded in your memory. We blend light and dark rums and combine our unique blend with flavors of orange, pineapple, orgeat, and coconut for the perfect Mai Tai. All you need to add is ice.

Mai Tai Cocktail

How to Make a Mai Tai

If you are looking to mix it up a little more than a simple pour, we have another recipe that will work for you. All ingredients below, except for the dark rum, should be vigorously shaken with ice for a few minutes before the cocktail is strained into your glass. Once poured, float the dark rum on top. Before serving, Mai Tai is traditionally garnished with fruits such as pineapple, orange, and cherries. 

Mai Tai Ingredients

Have a Mai Tai Luau

Thanks to Elvis Presley in the 1950’s movie Blue Hawaii, the Mai Tai is a trendy cocktail. Mai Tai cocktails are associated with the culture of Tiki and Polynesian-style scenery, so if you are looking for the perfect addition to your luau, Juicefly has you covered.

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