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Let’s Celebrate Beer Pong Day | Juicefly Beer Delivery in Los Angeles

Let’s Celebrate Beer Pong Day | Juicefly Beer Delivery in Los Angeles

How will you celebrate Beer Pong Day?

You need some beer to play and you know Juicefly is passionate about beer delivery in Los Angeles. You may order the most popular beers and have them delivered in less than 60 minutes! We also provide the option of scheduled beer delivery, which allows you to select the delivery time and is accessible seven days a week. Browse our extensive beer menu, which includes craft beers, lagers, IPAs, and many more from the best brands. Don’t stop there, you can find chips and crackers to go with your beers on our grocery delivery menu.

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Do you know how to play beer pong? Beer Pong Day has been held on the first Saturday of May every year since 2006, and this year's date is May 7. Here's how a simple game-playing event became a day dedicated to the game itself. Jack Brosseit and Mary Brosseit and their oldest daughter originally arranged the day on May 6, 2006, at The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. It was to commemorate their youngest daughter's graduation.

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While Beer Pong Day is relatively new, the game itself has a long history. Beer pong was created through natural selection rather than invention. And this evolution necessitated several key events. Beer pong, contrary to popular belief, did not originate at a college. Instead, it originated from a game called Beirut, which was similar to ping-pong. A ping-pong ball was knocked into cups with a paddle in Beirut. 

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During the 1960s and 1970s, Boston, Massachusetts, is credited with altering Beirut to become beer pong, which involves removing the paddle and aiming the ball at a beer cup. As a result, modern-day beer pong was born. Drinking games have long been a hit. However, when beer pong tables and balls became more popular, they moved across North America and the United Kingdom.

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