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It’s Drink Beer Day, Know Your Beers

It’s Drink Beer Day, Know Your Beers

While beer enthusiasts can drink a beer practically every day of the year, this day is undoubtedly exceptional. National Drink Beer Day is a pleasant day whose name states the committed activity. 

There is no shortage of beer-drinking holidays on the calendar because, well, most people not only enjoy drinking beer, many of them are devoted to it! This delectable beverage is worth celebrating all year long, from German Beer Day to IPA Day to Stout Day, from Oktoberfest to Homebrewing Day. However, when it comes to this world-famous beverage, September 28th offers the simplest of instructions: Drink Beer.

It's now time to raise a glass of your favorite hops in honor of National Drink Beer Day!

Celebrate Drink Beer Day With Different Kinds of Beer

Ale Beer

Ales are beers with yeast that flocculates or collects at the top of the fermentation tank during the brewing process. The fundamental distinction between an ale and a lager is that lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast, which provides a sharper flavor in the finished brew.

Craft Beer

Craft beers, in the broad sense, are those brewed by small, family-run brewers rather than by corporate giants. Craftsmanship is the central focus of craft Beer, not mass production. Would you start with a craft beer on Drink Beer Day?

Cider Beer

Cider is made from apple juice, whereas beer is derived from malted barley. While fruit and other ingredients can be found in beer, malted grains are not included in real cider.

Light Beer

Light beers are developed with exogenous enzymes added to the mash, which breaks down nearly all of the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars.  After diluting with water, you get an extremely light, low-carbohydrate beer is obtained. If you want to go wild on Drink Beer day but are afraid of the calories, go for light beers.


IPAs are different by having a higher ABV than most other beer varieties. The average ABV or alcohol concentration of an IPA is 6%. However, some sub-styles may be lower and others may be greater. The abbreviation stands for India pale ale. It was a solution to the challenge of supplying beer to the British Empire in the east. Because it was too hot to brew in India, a beer that could withstand the arduous six-month travel from Britain was required.

Lager Beer

Lager beer is a light-colored, highly carbonated beer. The term lager refers to beer made with bottom-fermenting yeast. Lagers are distinct from ales, or top-fermented British beers.

Hard Seltzer

A new and fascinating kind of alcoholic drink is known as hard seltzer. Typically, hard seltzers are produced with only three ingredients: sparkling water, alcohol, and flavorings.

Gluten-Free Beer

There are now two methods for producing gluten-free beer. The first option is to use malt derived from naturally gluten-free cereals or pseudocereals such as sorghum, millet, buckwheat, rice, quinoa, or maize. These beers frequently have scents and flavors that differ slightly from conventional beer.


The Best Beers in Los Angeles for Drink Beer Day

Special day or no special day, you can always find all kinds of beers on Juicefly’s vast menu. Order beer delivery in Los Angeles 7 a days week from Juicefly. Here are our picks for Drink Beer Day.


Guinness has a malty sweetness, a hoppy bitterness, and coffee and chocolate flavors. A roasted taste comes through as well, thanks to the roasted unmalted barley used in its brewing. It has a sweet scent with traces of malt, and it has a smooth, creamy, and balanced taste. If you like it, you should try this product.


Heineken's biscuit and malt flavors strike a nice balance between bitter and sweet. Green apple and sweet corn undertones are also present in the flavor, along with a sometimes-strong skunky aroma. An iconic European beer, Heineken is a pale lager with nothing but natural ingredients.


Delirium Tremens Beer, widely considered to be among the greatest brews in the world, is crystal clear and golden in color with a thick, foamy white head. The beer has some of the same fruity and sweet flavors as a Hefeweizen, such as banana, citrus, and clove, but it also has a tangier finish. Described variously as smooth and peppery, rich and malty. We recommend you give it a try on National Drink Beer Day



Corona Extra has a vigorous but not overbearing carbonation, and its tongue is fresh and unassuming, with flavors of grass, malt, sweetness, and just a whiff of hops. This is unlikely to be the first pick of craft beer enthusiasts seeking greater hop levels or more nuanced tastes. However, Corona is approachable and pleasurable for the public, and the brand has been highly successful in this regard.


Budweiser is a golden brew with hints of citrus and fruity aromas and a malty, hoppy, and noble fragrance. The finish is superb, and the flavor is fresh and light. Can you imagine Drink Beer Day without a Budweiser? Yes, we neither.


Bud light is a delightful beverage because of its crisp, light, and smooth taste. Hops, barley malts, rice, and fresh lime peels are just a few of the all-natural components that go into its brewing.

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